Whether you are remodeling, redecorating or building a new home, it is always a good idea to study the different types of home lighting available. After all it is the lighting in a room which gives it a vivid decorating impact that too effortlessly. There are different categories when it comes to interior lighting some of which are natural, general, task, ambient, decorative, etc. Today there is a wide array of illumination options available to suit every kind of needs. Recessed lighting can be a wise option as they provide a dramatic illumination in any room and have a low-profile itself as these fixtures are embedded into the ceiling therefore leaving no dangling cords, bulbs or lampshades which could interrupt your view. These installations are invisible as the fixture, wirings and bulbs are hidden inside the ceiling operated by a wall switch. This option is ideal for highlighting a countertop, artwork or any other special feature in a room. While using recessed lighting for task lighting or reading make sure that it is carefully placed such that your head or shoulders may not block the required light.

A very important part of the house which is given the least value during interior illumination is the bathroom. Often a single fixture on the ceiling is expected to cater to all of the needs leaving inadequate enlightenment at the mirror. Bathroom lighting must be taken into serious consideration as now bathrooms have a more important role to play having evolved as a place of rest and to rejuvenate complete with spa tubs and steam showers. This is the room where you will start and end the day therefore some extra thought on bathroom lighting will surely pay dividends. Sufficient light should be provided for tasks such as for showers, shaving or for makeup. Recessed lights should not be fitted directly over the mirrors as it will cast a shadow on the face which is undesirable. Mounting vertical fixtures on either side of the mirror can uniformly illuminate the face.

Some rooms require only one light source such as a garage or a workroom in which one large task light can be positioned overhead. Kitchens will also require task lighting. Use general lighting in combination with task lighting in order to save energy. As you can see that illumination plays an important role in almost any room and in also setting the right mood hence it is important to utilize the available options according to the room.

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Amresh Mishra is an Interior Decoration expert, working as consultants with VGKlighting since years. His area of interest is lighting, recessed lighting, table lamps, track lighting, wall lights, led lights under cabinet lighting decoration.