Great Places To Have Sex With Your Woman Besides The Bedroom: Locations Where You Have To Have Sex

Many couples get stuck in a rut and end up having the same kind of sex, in the same place, over and over again. And that get's boring quite quickly.

So if you want to re-ignite the spark in your sex-life, or simply make sure it doesn't go -- read on now and try out some of these great PLACES TO HAVE SEX.

1. In A Hotel

There's just something about going to a hotel with your woman that screams SEX because it tends to make everything more exciting and interesting.

2. In The Car

Yes, it might make you feel 18 again... but is that really such a bad thing?

Try it out, you might like it.

3. In A Public Toilet

Yeah, I know... it's a big dirty and a little bit nasty. BUT -- that's what makes it so much fun. Just make sure you lock the door.

4. In The Woods

There's something about outdoor sex that makes you feel 'alive'. When the weather's good try it out.

The easiest way to do it is doggy-style... your woman uses a tree to hold onto and you take her from behind.

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5. On The Beach

Again, it's great to be outdoors.

But this time we've traded the woods for a beach... warm weather, sun, sea and sand is always a great recipe for brilliant sex.

6. In Front Of A Mirror

This just makes the sex so much more interesting.

Try it doggy-style in front of the mirror and as she watches you do her from behind -- grab her hair, spank her ass and TALK DIRTY.

She'll love it.

7. In The Bathroom

There are many options in this room... sit her on the sink, take her in the shower or sit on the toilet and let her ride you.

Your only limit is your imagination.

8. In The Office

The perfect place to act out her NAUGHTY SECRETARY fantasy.

9. In The Kitchen

Like the bathroom, there are many great places to have sex in this room.

You sat on the kitchen chair, her on top.

Her bent over the table.

You get the idea.

10. At A Sex Club

This one's a bit different, but many women have a fantasy to be watched by other people or actually have group sex. If this is something you and your woman are interested in, a sex club is the place to do it.

So there you have it -- 10 great places to have sex. Just remember -- wherever you choose to have sex, be sure to give your woman INCREDIBLE PLEASURE and mind-blowing orgasms. After-all, that's what she really wants. The change in location just makes things a bit more interesting.

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Tip #1: Make Her Feel Relaxed. Before anything else, you need to make your girl feel at ease and this has to be done before you even make your move. Get her to relax to make her enjoy sex on a physical and emotional level. This would extremely vital, so try to turn her on through a romantic date or a deep conversation beforehand. Long outdoor walks and dinner by candlelight happen to work wonders at doing this.

Tip #2: Pay Attention. Attune yourself to each want and need your girl might have by paying very close attention to what her body language is saying as you seductively remove every piece of clothing she is wearing.

Caress and kiss her everywhere, as well, until she gets totally turned on by you. The minute a girl seems uncomfortable around you, take a break to listen whether she is moaning with satisfaction and then keep going if she is.

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Tip #3: Maximize The Foreplay. Foreplay also happens to be a great trigger for possible earth-shaking orgasms for girls. Since girls come with the great ability of reaching multiple orgasms during sexual intercourse, you can begin performing foreplay through cunnilingus; this means making use of your tongue on your girl's vagina.

In no time, her clitoris will end up eagerly anticipating your tongue's touch while her G-spot will be desperate to feel your fingers on it. Such moves of foreplay can give any girl intense orgasms prior to you even reaching actual sexual intercourse.

Tip #4: Time Yourself. Lastly, you should try to time your penetration perfectly so that you reach orgasm at the same time. After you first penetrate her, thrust slowly and steadily before gradually increasing your thrusting speed. Remember to keep touching and kissing her at the same time, as well, so she will feel ultra close to you.

Also, try to keep up the passion. The minute your girl begins to shake and tighten herself around you, you can let completely loose for that massive simultaneous orgasm to shake both your worlds.

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Most men fail to understand that a girl does not look at sex as a primitive and rough act needed to simply attain orgasm. Instead, girls think of sex as a physical extension to the love and intimacy that they feel towards their man.

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Any man that wants to please his girl should realize that a girl needs to feel romantic and seduced before she is whisked away into the bedroom. The right atmosphere needs to be created that involves romance and passionate suspense about the up-coming night. Men should set the mood with romantic dinners, songs, flowers, gifts or any other method that their date would love.

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The sexual act too should be initiated with a lot of eye contact, light caresses, and light kisses that slowly morph into French kissing. A man should also undress his girl in a seductive manner and keep up with the caressing and kissing moves as each garment is slowly removed.

It is the right foreplay technique that can arouse a girl and enable her to happily and loudly achieve multiple orgasms. Every man should concentrate on pleasing his girl by using his fingers to fondle her breasts and massage her clitoris that is situated on the outer lips of her vagina. He should also insert his fingers within her vagina to find out her G-Spot and these two moves will be enough to send her girl into multiple orgasms filled with moaning and writhing.

While penetrating, men should remember to be gentle yet firm. A man should penetrate only when his girl is ready and expecting him to penetrate her. A slow rhythm that quickens up as both reach towards a bed-breaking climax will ensure that his girl is truly satisfied in bed and she is sure to indicate her ecstasy verbally and physically to her man.

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Be open to ideas- Sex is something which gets boring if you keep following the same thing all the time. This is the major reason why couples get bored of sex after some years in a relationship. You see it's not the sex which gets boring rather these couples are not willing to experiment with new things. Always be open to new ideas and try something new every single time as this would always ensure maximum pleasure.

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Explore her zones- To make sex truly great you must explore the zones in your partner's body which give her the extreme state of arousal and sometimes even a leg shaking orgasm. The best possible way to do this is to ask her where she likes to be touched and often women will gladly tell you.

Spend majority of the time on foreplay- You can never have great sex unless you spend the majority of your time on foreplay. This is something most people just do not do especially when they have been in a relationship for a long time. You see if the foreplay is not long enough sex would never be great enough.

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