A playground is an outdoor area designated for children’s activities. There is a variety of heavy-duty equipment in an open space for children to climb, crawl, dig, slide, jump, hang and run. The function of the playground is to stimulate the child’s physical bodies and get them active and playing, using their bodies and burning off energy in a fun, kid-sized environment. Taking the kids to a playground gives both kids and adults unstructured playtime out of the house, in the fresh air. Kids get to use up some of their boundless energy, and parents get to enjoy watching their happiness as they play on equipment they don’t have at home. Socializing with other kids and parents, and seeing the occasional ice cream man, are also some other benefits. There are also different types of playground such as outdoor and indoor playgrounds of which there are plenty of near Child Care Centre in orchard road.

1. Paragon shopping center
One of these indoor playgrounds near Preschool Childcare centers in orchard road is the one at the 5th level of the Paragon Shopping Center. It opens daily from 10am to 9pm and the nearest MRT station is Orchard and Somerset which are both on the North-South Line. This small indoor playground features a simple play structure with a mini climbing wall, slides and tunnels. Along the perimeter are benches for adults to rest while the kids play. There are also activity walls with manipulative play for the younger ones. A mini carousel, kiddie rides and pay-per-use computer games are also available just outside the play area. The best part about it is that it is indoors, your child will always be sheltered from rain or the harsh heat of the sun. It’s also great place to practice your child’s gross motor skills and communication skills.

2. 313@Somerset
Another great playground near Preschool Singapore centers in orchard road is 313@Somerset. It is located at 313’s Sky Terrace, Orchard Road, Level 5 and opens daily from 10am to 10pm and until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The Nearest MRT Station is Somerset in the North-South Line. This is a toddler-friendly playground with a view. It is shelters, has padded flooring, and is situated right next to the large Food Republic food court. It is a great place to enjoy the view over Orchard Road and some fresh air in the city. The play area is outdoors but sheltered. Despite being so many floors up, it will still feel pretty safe to let your kids roam around. The floor is padded so you won’t have to worry about them tripping and hurting themselves. It is also relatively quiet on most days.

Playgrounds are an essential for your child’s development especially in terms of gross motor and communication skills. Just remember that young children need to be supervised in the playgrounds near Singapore Preschool centers in orchard road. The playgrounds being close by will make it easier to reach and travel to. Children should always be overseen by an adult at all times, and be wary of strangers.

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