Mealtimes do not have to be a bore to anyone. If you find yourself clueless about the next dish to prepare for dinner or lunch, you should definitely try using other recipes that come with a great taste. You can browse through a variety of cookbooks for more ideas on what to cook. You will surely find new recipes to try cooking for the family. Some also ask their friends about the simple recipes that they can in prepare for main course, dessert or appetizer.

If you are looking for a different recipe that comes with a savory taste and great aroma, you can try making meatloaf with chili peppers. The dish is delightful to the taste buds because of the tangy and zesty flavor of the meatloaf. Aside from the flavor and texture of the dish, many people like the convenience in making the recipe. In only a matter of minutes, anyone can prepare the meatloaf with such an exquisite taste.

Here is an excellent recipe for meatloaf with roasted red chili. Anyone will surely have an easy making the recipe because of the simple cooking instructions.

Roasted Red Chili Peppers Meatloaf
Just imagine how great it would be to cook something quick and simple for mealtime. This recipe for meatloaf is not like the usual because of the chili peppers that give the meat a unique and exciting taste. Here are the ingredients you need to prepare to make this outstanding recipe.

• 2 pounds of ground beef loin
• 1 pound of ground pork
• Roasted red bell pepper
• Medium-sized yellow onion, chopped
• Creole seasoning
• Celery salt
• Cajun seasoning
• 2 tablespoons of chili powder

Pour some oil in the saucepan. Then, cook the chopped onion for 5 minutes, or until it becomes clear and translucent. Next, use a processor and transfer the chili pepper, seasonings and the cooked onions inside it. Process the three ingredients for a minute. Once the mixture has become smooth and thick, transfer it into a big mixing bowl. Place the ground pork and beef. Use your hands in mixing the ingredients. After blending it and it has turned chunky in texture, place the mixture in a baking pan. Mould the mixture into a loaf shape. Then, bake the mixture at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes. Once the loaf is set and firm, allot a few minutes to cool on the wire rack. After it has cooled completely, transfer the loaf in a serving plate. Slice the loaf and serve with your choice of dip or sauce. Pepper sauce would be better for the dish to give it a spicy and zesty taste.

There you have it, a fast and easy way to make a delectable dish for lunch or dinner. Serve it with rice or with bread. Make sure that you pour some sauce on top of the loaf for extra good taste. You will surely love the taste and the aroma of the dish. Hence, cook the recipe and make every mealtime a treat.
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