Are you having a party and you are thinking of a great drink to serve your guests? You can create a wonderful concoction by combining several ingredients that simply go well together. Just make sure you use the right amount of liquor and mixer in your drink. Making a superb cocktail drink is very simple, as long as you follow strictly the recipe you are using.

Margarita is one of the best drinks that is ever-present in most parties. The delightful taste and smooth texture of the drink certainly appeals to the taste buds. Moreover, you can do so much to come up with a variety of this cocktail drink.Toss in cubes of fresh fruit, add some syrup or mix in fruit juice to create the best margarita. Just let your creativity soars so you can prepare a truly pleasant drink.

Here are some tips that you should consider if you are wondering how to make margarita.

1. Gather the best ingredients for the drink.

Typically, margarita consists of three basic ingredients - tequila,orange liqueur and fresh lime juice. The key to a fabulous drink is by using the best quality brand of tequila. You should never compromise the drink by settling on a cheap brand that comes with a lousy taste.Moreover, a reliable brand of orange liqueur is equally important as the tequila. Hence, go for the brands that come with a superb taste such as Grand Marnier or Triple Sec

2. Add some flavor to the drink.

Some recipes make use of fresh fruits in the mixture. To give the drink a tropical twist, you can add in pureed watermelon, cubed strawberries or even slices of banana. You can find several recipes for fruity margaritas.

3. Garnish the drink.

Perhaps you see most margaritas come with rims garnished with a wedge of lime or lemon. You might want to do this, too, so the drink will have that interesting appeal. You can also add sugar or salt to the rim. Simply chill the margarita glasses for at least 30 minutes. Then, wipe a lime wedge on the rim of the glass. Dip the rim on a dish with salt or sugar to do the trick.

4. Serve it on the rocks or with crushed ice.

You can make the drink a refreshing one by adding crushed ice to the mixture. Use a blender in combining the ingredients well. Once you notice the ice has crystallized and the mixture has turned frothy in appearance, the margarita is ready to drink.

If you plan to have the mixture plain or without crushed ice, you can put about three to four small ice cubes in the glass before pouring the margarita. This makes a cooling drink that anyone will love.

There you have it, some fabulous ideas on preparing margarita. Making a nice glass of margarita is definitely a breeze. Just follow the great ideas and tips on this article. In a snap, you can come up with an excellent cocktail drink - even at the comfort of your home.

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