There are lots of programs with great woodworking plans on the Internet. Finding one of these programs with easy woodworking designs can be really challenging unless you do your research to find the right wooden plans software. Before you start looking for a wooden plans software with lots of great woodworking plans you need to know what to look for. In this article I am going to cover some of the essentials that you need to seek out in order to find a wooden plans software with great woodworking plans.

Know What to Look For:

You will save yourself a lot of future headaches by knowing what to look for in a woodworking software. The most important question that you need to ask yourself when reviewing these different software programs is "what does this woodworking program offer me that makes it worth buying?" First off, what does the software offer? Look at how many designs are offered in the woodworking package and see if there are any bonuses that come with the package. If so, are these bonuses also found in similar packages? If not, are the added bonuses worth the price differences between the different packages of similar quality? For instance, a woodworking program called Teds Woodworking Plans has CAD or DWG software for plan viewing as a bonus. This software allows you to edit any of the designs that come with the woodworking plans package or make your own wooden plans. This tools is a great bonus and a must have for anyone that's really serious about getting into the carpentry industry. Other woodworking packages like Woodworking 4 Home and My Shed Plans Elite don't offer this bonus and as a result, these two woodworking programs are cheaper than Teds Woodworking Plans. In addition to looking at the bonuses also look at the customer support options and find out if the woodworking software offers a money back guarantee.

Customer Reviews:

You can also find a lot of information about a product by reading customer reviews on the product. A great source to find real customer reviews is on You can use this source to get unbiased information on the product which will help you determine if the woodworking product if worth buying. I recommend that you read at least ten different reviews on the product that you are checking out. If you want reviews from more than one source then you need to do a Google search for additional customer reviews on the product.

Quick Review:

To find a woodworking package with great woodworking plans you need to know what to look for before you start looking. By doing this you will save yourself a lot of valuable time. You also need to look at customer reviews away from the main product website. If you look at reviews on the main website then you will most likely get a lot of information that is biased in favoring the product. I hope this information makes for a great starting point to help you find a set of great woodworking plans for your future woodworking projects.

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