There are many great leaders, and many different ways to lead. All great leadership is people focused. Here we will discuss things leaders should know about people. As a leader your people are your most valuable asset, knowing this is a big step to being a great leader.

Know their talents- know the members of your team. Know what they are good at.

Know about them- know more about them. Take time to learn about their families. Learn about what they like. Learn about what they would like to accomplish. This type of relationship with the members of your team can create a deeper relationship.
Help them grow- create growth opportunities, and growth mindsets. A great leader creates a mindset of always doing more and being more, never being content to stop and stay where we where yesterday.

Encourage open thinking- a leader does not want a bunch of boots that just do the same thing. They want original thinks, thinkers that are going to find ways to do it better. Encourage this, encourage them to find ways to do it even better!

"All leadership is influence."- John C. Maxwell

Leaders should be people focused. Know the members of your team/followers, know their talents, and know who they are. Help them use their knowledge, help them do more than they thought they could. This what a good leader does, they help those that look up to them become more then they thought they ever could.

Be a true leader, and find ways to help other become more. Leaders do not lead businesses they lead people know this and do it well, people will want to follow you when they feel you care. They will stick with you when they feel you help them to be more than they thought they could be.

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