Chakra Meditation works with the seven chakras that relates to the major endocrine glands of the body. Performing this art is pretty simple if you know to perform by concentrating on one chakra at a time with clear view and mind.
Place yourself in calm surrounding and meditate giving your focus onto the root chakra to start with finally getting down to the crown chakra moving one by one. Make sure your spine is upright and you are in a comfortable position without any distractions from the surroundings or from within. As you move on passing each chakra you should be able to find light beams shooting out to the earth. The entire idea is to bring out a connection with the environment outside. Work on each chakra for at least 3 minutes and make sure you don’t exceed the limit of 30 in total.

You cannot find results quickly in chakra meditation. At the same time, 30 minutes of rejuvenation with meditation can reap several benefits:

  1. Determination and the willingness to take every challenge build up with positive approach.
  2. Better understanding of behaviors, thinking and other problems that may come up in your life.
  3. Development of sharp memory, willingness to do things and more awareness about the happenings in the world.
  4. Stress relief and matured approach to solve problems as you develop self control and lot of patience.
  5. Lowered blood pressure levels and better health conditions. This in turn leads to decreased chances of cardiac illness or strokes.
  6. The entire body is cleaned passing from one chakra to another giving a refreshed feel. Thus the body becomes nourished from top to bottom cleansing emotionally, physically as well as washing away the spiritual toxins to bring out a new being in you!

There is no better way than Chakra meditation to produce a new feel in your life pushing away all the toxins, stress and other troubles that might have come up in life. It sets up a new beginning to live life the healthy way!

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