Green lipped mussels are known for their anti-inflammatory effect. Various studies have shown its effectiveness in treating symptoms of arthritis, and joint aches too. There are many reasons for why people have arthritis. Some have it because it was genetically passed on to them, some have acquired it from their lifestyle and eating habits, while some experience the same symptoms and hassles of arthritis from injuries and accidental joint trauma.

The cause is not the issue, but the pain and the inconvenience is. The good news is there is a natural way of treating it. What about our pets? It is known among animal lovers that our beloved pets also experience arthritis and pain from inflammation. One other good news is green lipped mussel for pets, is just as effective as it is for humans.

The challenge in treating our pets is first diagnosing the problem. Since our pets cannot tell us what they’re feeling, or if there is some physical discomfort that is bothering them, all we can do is notice if there are any changes in their behavior or mood. In that, we have to be very observant so we can determine if there is something wrong, and find a way to deal with it as soon as possible. If your pet is not as jolly as usual, or if you notice that your pet seems sluggish or depressed, most likely there is a problem.

While green lipped mussels may not be the solution to all health problems, it may be a way to alleviate the symptoms that may be causing the discomfort. If green lipped mussels are highly effective for humans, it should only make sense that they be just as effective on animals. After all, when conducting research and experiments, scientists use animals for testing products, especially those that have therapeutic claims, to find out if it works or not. So using green lipped mussel for pets definitely makes sense.
Also, there shouldn’t be any cause for worry when giving green lipped mussels to your pets. In fact, whatever the case may be, the benefits of green lipped mussels always outweigh the risk. It is, however, advisable to consult with a veterinarian and find out if your pet is allergic to mussels, or any other seafood. Otherwise this shellfish can also benefit in many other wonderful ways which will change the over all health of your pet.

It can be sad to see your dog or cat who you’ve taken care of and loved for so many years go through the pain and suffering of arthritis and other joint related issues that can possibly put an end to there lives.

Say goodbye to your pet’s arthritis, and feel safe and reassured knowing that your pet’s health and comfort is taken care of. Green lipped mussel for pets is a safe and natural remedy for your pet’s pain and anxiety, that will leave you worry-free and feeling like the good friend or family your pet needs.

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