There are many delicious green lipped mussel recipes out there. You might have tried one or two, and I’m sure you loved it. These scrumptious, nutrient-laden shellfish are sure fun to cook. You can experiment in so many different ways, and come up with unique seafood dishes that may even earn you top-chef rating.
But taste is not all there is to these awesome green shell mussels. Green lipped mussels are overflowing with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other healthful components that you will not find in any other single food source in the planet.
While cooking could make it the tastiest dish ever, it also compromises health-giving components that make it the ‘superfood’ that it already is, fresh and raw. Though we’re not trying to stir up some kind of food debate, and definitely not forcing you to eat raw shellfish, knowing what’s at stake does bring up an ever famous question (slightly altered to fit the subject matter): “to cook or not to cook…?”
We don’t want anyone stressing out over this issue, so don’t go on some kind of hunger-induced breakdown (I just want to eat!!!!). We actually have a way to please both sides:
In the left corner: people who want to cook fabulous green lipped mussel recipes!
In the right corner: people who want to to get all the nutrients from green lipped mussels!
And the winner is….EVERYBODY!!!
With green lipped mussel capsules, we are all winners. I’m quite confident in claiming that most everyone who would like to feast on deliciously cooked green lipped mussels would also like to benefit from its capacity to provide optimum health. However, it is not likely that we can have it both ways. At least not without the help of green lipped mussel capsules.
Cooked green lipped mussels have less nutrition as exposure to high temperature for a certain length of time reduces the amount of nutrition it holds. Green lipped mussels break down and oxidize easily.
The longer you expose it to heat and the higher the temperature, the more nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals are spent. Since every recipe has different instructions of cooking, time and temperature-wise, the amount of nutrition you can still get from cooked mussels also depend on what green lipped mussel recipes you are trying to follow.
One company has a special way of preserving the nutrients of green lipped mussels in capsule form. They follow a two-step process that involves using very low heat to preserve all the essential components while getting rid of moisture to prevent microbial growth (step 1).Separate meats, liquefy to slurry, spray dry liquid (step 2) package powder.
You can now cook your favorite green shelled mussel recipes for a fancy, flavorsome cuisine while getting all that you need from green lipped mussel capsules to stay healthy and in excellent shape. Like I said, we are all winners with green lipped mussel capsules. Enhance your overall well being using this super food supplement.

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