The production of green tea is done though slight steaming of fresh Camellia Sinensis leaves. When oxidation takes place, the enzymes inside the tea leaves are converted into polyphenols, which are known for great therapeutication and pharmacological properties.

The main polyphenol contents of green tea are flavonoids particularly catechins (epicatechin, epicatechin gallate, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), and pro-anthocyanidins). EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate is considered the main active ingredient. The green tea leaves budding and fresh leaves are thought to have the richest green tea EGCG levels. The standard concentration of overall polyphenols in dried up green tea leaves is approximately 8-12 %.

EGCG: Antioxidants

According to research, EGCG have 25 times more efficiency compared to vitamin E, and 100 times for effectiveness compared to vitamin C in terms of protecting the cells and DNA materials of the body. When cellular damage happens, diseases take its toll inside the bodily systems which degrades the health of a person.

Furthermore, when we talk about vitamin E, green tea has vitamin E contents with water soluble properties, while vitamin E supplements are fat-based. The human body absorbs fat-based vitamin E even at the possibly harmful levels, thus green tea is better at this aspect.

EGCG: Health Benefits

Did you know that EGCG are very helpful in the alleviation of certain health problems? These health issues includes: Diabetes; Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); cancer of the stomach, prostate, and pancreatic, lung, colorectal, bladder, and breasts.

Green tea intake is also beneficial in joint health due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and promotes Skin health because it aids in cell regeneration and healing. Also, problems in the circulatory system like atherosclerosis are certainly addressed because EGCG prevents accumulation of fats in the veins and blood vessels.

EGCG: Weight loss

Scientific studies claim that EGCG could possibly improve metabolic process as well as help burn off fat. In a recent study, the body's resting rate of metabolism improved by 4-percent after 90 milligrams of green tea with EGCG had been consumed 3 times daily. The 3 main theories of EGCG- aided weight loss are elevation of metabolic rate, prevention of the carbohydrate digestion (carb blockage), and reduction of appetite.

EGCG: Levels in Green Tea

Accordingly, there is 70-percent of EGCG in green tea extract. With green tea diet supplements, only a few of these products reach the maximum 55-percent of EGCG content. When you take in green tea diet supplements, make sure that they are formulated and sourced to be certain that only the highest possible quantity of EGCG in green tea is achieved. Also, make sure that the supplement contains at the very least 70-percent of EGCG in its constitution.

In conclusion, when you take green tea as part of your daily habit, you do not just take measures in achieving a healthy body and weight, but you are also protecting your overall wellness. When you think about it, there’s no other best way to go but to choose green tea with EGCG. Because, you will not just lose weight naturally, you will be safeguarded from all the undesirable health problems that will hamper you a great life and future.

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