In a trade or any business venture, it is crucial to set the right expectations. Amongst the many processes that a company handles, customer service is right up there with the most critical functions. Customer service outsourcing has become a common business phenomenon in the recent times. However, it does not always yield the desired results for every business. There are a wide range of factors that play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of an outsourcing venture. The most important amongst those factors is – grooming.

Flexible Customer Services are the Best

A vendor that has already proven its credentials by delivering successful projects might want to implement its own vision for your process. Although this approach can work, it is not always conducive for every business.

To throw some light on the flexibility aspect, let’s take an example. A vendor ‘A’ wants to focus on CSAT. To achieve high CSAT, it is fine with prolonging the calls as long as customer is completely satisfied. While this approach might look great in theory, it has many negative repercussions. Case in point being; the AHT (Average Handling Time) will take a hit. Consequently, there would always be a long queue of calls waiting to get answered. Many customers will disconnect because of long wait time, which will increase the number of abandoned calls.

In this scenario, you might be able to improve CSAT as per expectations, but the other parameters will take a hit. On the other hand, flexible customer support outsourcing services would be able to focus on what you want. The best vendors are always able to analyze the impact on your business. So, they will proactively advise you by providing you good options:
• Either you can increase the number of call center reps, so that callers in queue don’t have to wait extra
• Or, you can focus on consistency and provide practical support instead of going out of the way to improve CSAT

It is easier to groom a flexible vendor as per requirements. Rudimentary customer outsourcing services are too rigid and do not understand exact client requirements. In today’s age, they can be a major liability and bring down your business prospects.

Focus on Contract to get the Best Results

Call center outsourcing contract is one of the most important pieces of document. You need to create a transparent Service Level Agreement (SLA), which clearly states the value of performance parameters that need to be maintained. You can use incentives and penalties to motivate and dissuade an outsourced customer service department.

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