Wedding transport traditionally has been the domain of grooms over the ages, though this is not to mean that the brides are found to be pushovers in this aspect. Nevertheless, grooms fantasise a few things about their wedding cars. And it is for this, why a sect of them would vouch for the classic varieties as well.

The image quotient...

Grooms become a bit too much image-conscious on their wedding days. The same applies to the brides as well, but it is the grooms, who turn a bit more towards adding a few notches to their image quotient. They try to portray an image, which will make them appear as a prince charming straight out of the fairy tales. Opting for wedding cars is a part of that mental state.

While it enhances his image in front of his bride on the very day that matters the most, it also gives him a sense of confidence that helps him overcome the nervousness of being the focal point of the D-day!

Psychologists are also of the opinion that when brides hire a classic wedding car in Sydney, it underlines not only their financial ability but also their taste and aesthetic sense. This gives them a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of confidence that help them to face the bride during the exchange of vows and ring, the pronouncement of the marriage and that all-important kiss before the closing remarks.

While the other aspects of the marriage – like the dress and the theme might carry substantial style statements, the wedding car honestly states the class and the vanity for the groom, and that makes the difference.

The Status Symbol that speaks...

This is another purple patch of the entire episode. The more veteran is the wedding car in question, the more vanity it will add to the wedding ceremony. Thus, to an average groom, a 1967 Muzzy will be more adored than a 1990 Bentley. The colour, the way the car is decorated, and its overall look and feel will all collectively contribute in providing a tinge of class to the ceremony that the groom can be proud of! It’s as if to justify the bride’s selection of ‘HIM’ as her life partner – in one way or the other. Though none will ever divulge, perhaps this IS the mother of all thoughts that cross the subconscious mind of grooms as they choose the best wedding car from companies that hire them out.

And there are so many other facets that add to that glamour factor - uniformed chauffeurs and red carpet service, tyre covers, white ribbons and floral décor, champagne and nibbles with biscuits, cheeses and dips, and a lot more!

Then the chauffeur

O Yes! This is the other prerogative in these cases. Who wants to drive a wedding car himself on the D-day – even if he has a 10-year-old driving ticket? That is not a sign of vanity after all. A uniformed chauffeur should drive the car, and that is what looks best, given the occasion!

This is again, an added mark of vanity and style that the bride would look forward to! Getting married to a man who comes in a wedding car, decorated by the best floral designs and driven by a chauffeur is probably the best dream-come-true for her! That is why, the wedding car hire companies in Sydney are doing brisk business these days – and rightfully so!

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The author owns a company in Sydney that hires out classic wedding car. The author is also a regular blogger in this aspect.