Groom's guide about renting or buying a Tuxedo for his Wedding-
Part I (the Basic Tuxedo)


The main components of a Tuxedo and accessories include the following:
Pants Shirt
Vest Cummerbund

Tuxedo Jacket

Tuxedo jackets come in many styles ranging from a single-breasted one button to double breasted six buttons with tails. You can ask the advice of the tux salesman, but checking the fit of the tux jacket and the tux pants (with the jacket off) in the mirror in the tux shop is always advised. A classic single-breasted suit is never wrong unless the event calls for top hat and tails. Just kidding- tails are reserved for the most formal wedding and other very formal occasions.

Another thing the Groom, Father of the Bride (FOB), Father of the Groom (FOG), and Groomsmen should consider is which style best compliments the majority of their figures.

The rule of thumb is a double-breasted jacket can compliment a tall mans figure, while shorter men look better in a single-breasted jacket. When in doubt pick the best style for the Groom, after all, it is His Day!

Note: Having everyone wear the same tuxedo style (single breasted or double breasted) is nice, but not mandatory. Some members of the wedding party, usually the FOB or FOG may own a tuxedo, so be prepared to work with that. Sometime the use of the bridal colors as accents in the tie, cummerbund or vest may help to bring the look of the wedding together. All the Tuxedo’s should be the same color, usually black - no blue tuxedo’s please (remember Steve Martin’s character, “Mr. Banks” as the FOB in the film “Father of Bride.”)

Tuxedo Pants

Your tuxedo pants must match the tuxedo style, and the color and fabric that you have selected for the jacket. Formal tuxedo pants have a traditional racing stripe down the leg, usually made of silk. There may be a option on the tux pants with pleats or with no pleats.

Tuxedo Shirt

Tuxedo shirts come in many styles, with pleats and without. There are several types of collars available. Make sure that the Groom, FOB, FOG, and the groomsmen all get the same style. Most tux shirts come with French cuffs (requiring cufflinks) and they have studs instead of buttons on the shirt. If you have questions about any of this, ask the sales person at the tux shop and they will help you.

FYI - you can’t go wrong with white, pleated, French cuffs, with a lay down collar.

Tuxedo Vest or Cummerbund

Here is your chance to make a personal statement. To most affairs, it is acceptable to pair a tie with a cummerbund or vest. A cummerbund is that large oversized silk belt-looking thing that is worn around the waist over the top of the tux pants and the bottom of the tux shirt. You can select the color and style of your choice in this area, black is always safe and traditional. However, the bride may ask the men in the wedding party to coordinate on color of the vest, cummerbund or tie. This way the Groom, FOB and FOG, and the groomsmen would have splash of color that would accent and tie in with the bridal colors.

Grooms, FOB, FOG, and groomsmen often ask the question: “Which way do the cummerbunds pleats face: Up or Down?” The correct answer is the cummerbund’s pleats always face UP. If you have decided on a Vest, you will Not wear a cummerbund with the vest.

Please Part Two of this article - which is all about the Tuxedo Accessories.

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