Proper maintenance of a refrigerator is a must thing to be done if you want it to have a prolonged life. While most of the people tend to believe that wiping out the interior of the refrigerator with a piece of cloth is similar to maintenance, in reality, the truth is entirely different. Checking the minute flaws and fixing those before its too late is one of the critical factors of proper maintenance.

Things can go out of your hands anytime, and for that, the professionals for fridge repairs in Wetherill Park are always there for assistance. However, a lot can be done on your part in avoiding the common mistakes of refrigerator maintenance.

What are the things that are required to be included and avoided in the agenda for refrigerator maintenance? Let’s find it out.

Things to DO

  • Concentrate on your condenser coils as it is the most neglected part of your refrigerator. You can simply use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dirt and debris gathered all over the coils. Remember that the condenser coils are the part that is responsible for heat releasing and if too much dust gets accumulated on it, the coil may start malfunctioning without giving you any prior notice.
  • Check the door seal of your refrigerator every day as a little bit of dispute in the door seal for the refrigerators can lead to inadequate cooling inside the refrigerator. A damaged seal make an opening for the cool air to escape and as a result, the refrigerator will not be able to keep the food fresh and cold for a long time.
  • Make sure you have the contact details of the technicians associated with Fisher and Paykel fridge repairs so that you don’t need to waste any time for calling up the professionals in the case you start getting signs of damage that are beyond your understanding. Do call up the professionals for emergency repair or regular maintenance service to avoid unwanted problems.

Things to AVOID

  • Most of the people let the fridge door open for too long while taking out food or keeping food inside the refrigerator. In some cases, they just push the fridge door without realising it is still not close.Stop yourself from this practice as you are causing much harm to your fridge unknowingly. It will trigger a temperature imbalance, and the compressor may get affected severely.
  • Don’t overlook your refrigerator gasket. It is the rubber seal that is in your refrigerator door. The best way to protect it for a long time is to apply Vaseline once in every two months as it will help you in strengthening the door seal and also stop it from premature cracking.
  • Don't overstuff your fridge. It does not let the temperature work on the contents of the refrigerator equally. Similarly, leaving most of the parts of your refrigerator empty may cause adversity for the same reason. Understand how to utilise the space in your fridge according to its capacity and store accordingly. It will give a prolonged life to your refrigerator compressor.

Follow these ground rules of maintenance and prevent your fridge from getting affected by emergency breakdowns.

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The author is associated with Fisher and Paykel fridge repairs services for a long time and also understands the need for fridge repairs in Wetherill Park for prolonged life of your refrigerator.