The ground support equipment is a type of equipment that is in the airport used to service the aircraft. When this ground equipment isn’t needed, it is just kept on the ramp near the terminal.

Ground Handling

Ground handling is an aviation industry’s word used for the variety of the services which is performed when aircraft is on the ground at the access platforms. Some of these common services are:

Catering – reloading the fresh food and drinks, and unloading of the wastes and unused food

Cabin service - cleaning of cabin, ensure passenger comfort

Ramp service – Multiple services are included in it, such as aircraft marshaling, towing, luggage handling, Hydraulic mules.

Field Operation

Passenger service

Non-Powered Ground Support Outfit Types


A doll (plural Dollies) is a  platform on the bus used to hold and transport heavy, clumsy objects. Learn further about aircraft puppets offered by Tronair to get a better understanding of what these field puppets look like. There are several different types of puppets generally plant in Ground Support Equipment .

Dollies For Loose Baggage - Loosebaggage Dollie can be used to transport a variety of loose baggage, including correspondence bags, weight tinderbox boxes, etc.

These types of puppets feature a boscage system to help the bus from moving when not asked. Generally, loose baggage puppets are fully enclosed to cover the particulars from the rudiments. Puppets for loose baggage are appertained to as Baggage Wagons in the US, but this term has different meanings in other aspects of the world.

Dollies for unit Load device (ULD)- The main difference between the ULD Dollie and Dollie for Loose Baggage is that ULD Puppets are formalized to a specific size and operate much more like a mobile pallet. These units are designed to be featherlight and probative and frequently fly along with the weight they help transport to the aircraft. ULD Puppets rest on ball comportments and are equipped with hinges and cinches to secure the cargo during lugging. ULD pallet puppets are frequently

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