Three are some complaints for group buying online shoppers.

Group buying company “24 Quan” offers a great discount for certain products, which attracted many buyers who must pay online in cash. However, the organizer refunded to the buyers after one month.

In the process, the organizer held a large sum of money paid by the online buyers and the refund will not consider any losses on interest and disappointment of the consumers.

In March 2012, one group buying company launched a group buying activity, which presented that oil card price has been cut from ¥500 to ¥ 465, on the first day when the promotion is launched, about 5182 consumers paid for the card, and on the second day, nearly 7771 consumers paid for the card.
Tens of thousands of consumers paid for the card in a short time and transaction is completed online quickly.

One month later, the organizer told the consumer that they are lacking of card resources and planning to refund to consumers. The amount of money involved has reached ¥6 million.

Such cases have emerged in many group buying companies, which need laws and regulations to protect consumers’ interest and correct organizers’ mistakes.

Who know where the ¥6 million goes?We wonder if the organizer uses the 6 million to make more profit in one month since we know 6 million can generate great interest if it is put into a high margin profit project.

Such cases can be identified as illegal fund raising from online shoppers.

IBUonline reminds you of attending group buying on famous e-business websites to avoid such tricks, although the consumer did not loss money in the whole process but suffered disappointment.

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