One of the best ways to grow your business blog is by issuing specified calls to action each time you update your site! If you already got people reading your blog content simply give them something to do before they leave your platform! Enlisting the 'help' of those already making visits to your site only make business sense assuming they like what you are posting! Remember your sales success as a blogger will require both traffic and visitor participation so solicit their help by issuing a call to action every time you publish something new! The key here is NOT to give people too much to do but rather focus on just one objective!

Here are 3 effective calls to action you can subtly 'integrate' into your blog content that will help boost traffic, participation and the number of opt ins to your list!

Encourage Comments

Your blog content is the key to the amount of participation you'll receive on your site by people leaving comments! In fact many newcomers often check for comments first as a form of social 'validation' to decide whether they'll read any further! As the site administrator and likely the primary writer of the site, it is wise to ask questions or for the opinion of others who view your postings! By doing so you further engage readers while also encouraging their participation as well!

Encourage Sharing

Most blogs offer the use of plug ins which make your efforts easier while also helping to increase your sales success if you're a business blogger! Look for those plug ins that make it simple for visitors to share your blog content with others on many of the social network sites! Once you've install the appropriate plug in make it a point to ask your readers to share what they have just viewed with others in this way! The potentially HUGE viral effect you can experience can easily result in a flood of traffic to your site! For all the effort it takes, or lack thereof, to ask someone to share your posts, it makes tremendous business sense to do so! Remember, you don't get unless you first ask!

Encourage Opt Ins

Many bloggers today do so to earn an income and since they're working online, building a list is essential to their sales success! Having said that another great call to action when posting updates is to encourage readers to take the time to opt in! In all 3 cases of these examples of business building 'calls to action' only ONE call to action should be placed in any post! You do not want to give readers more than one thing to do or quite simply, they likely will not do it!

A very effective way to grow your business blog is by enlisting the help of those who already 'frequent' your site! The use of a simple call to action within or even at the end of your blog content is all it takes to help increase your sales success as a blogger! The fact is that you need traffic, viewer participation and an email opt in list to make money with a blogging platform! By focusing your calls to action on the 3 objectives discussed here today, you can 'tap' into the effort of others to accomplish your goals! In fact it only make business sense to ask the help of those who have already shown an interest in what you write! In the end using your blog content to help boost your sales success with the inclusion of various calls to action seems to be a very efficient way to achieve your objectives, don't you think?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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