So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak. ( Gen. 32:24)

When one has experienced the traumas of abandonment,rejection, betrayal and persecution, one's spirit is left feeling shattered, fractured, wounded and broken. One needs to be HEALED-held, embraced, approved, loved, empowered and delivered so that they can be renamed Hephzibah-God's delight and Beulah-married to the Lord. They can then be remade into the Holy People of the Lord, The Redeemed of the Lord, City of the Lord, Sought After.

Yet, many times, one can get stuck in the lands of abandonment, rejection, betrayal and persecution for, their faith fails to mature enough to overcome the pain and shame that comes from these wounds. One is, like Jacob, struggling with their faith and their God to believe for their deliverance and healing. One is struggling to be reborn so that they can receive their new name and their new purpose. So, for faith to overcome what it must overcome, it must ask itself questions which include Where is God, Who is God, What do I believe about God and Why do I believe what I do about God? The unmet needs and unhealed wounds will force one to ask God these questions for, only the answers to these questions will allow faith to grow through the journey of pain to get to the other side of it and to the land called new life.

Thus, the question is this, whereas, does one have the courage to ask God these questions and the patience to await the answers so that they can be HEALED then, renamed and remade into the person God created them to be.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Biancia Tate and, I live in Lynchburg Virginia with my husband John Tate who is a traumatic brain injury survivor. We have no children. We have founded the Hope Network to reach out to other trauma survivors and provide them the spiritual support, hope and healing they need to rebuild their faith, restore their confidence and renew their hope in Jesus Christ. We are also launching a new project called The HEALED Project whose mission is to find, heal and release the inner divine child so they can love God, love self and love others unconditionally.