What do we all understand by current affairs? Most of us would define it as a bit of information about a recent happening. However, the meaning lies deeper and it has much more significance than what we attach to it. It can be the voice of an unheard clan, or the tears of an abused wife, or may be applaud of a victory in any sport. What we fail to realize is, that it is our voice.
We as individuals constitute the current affairs of India. It is our voice through heard through various mediums. Some of us do not understand the importance of current affairs, we live in the myth that what happened to somebody is not of our concern. How will a bomb blast in US affect me or my family? Or how does the growing economy of China helpful to India? The answer is that it will affect us, our family, or fellow citizens. Every current affair, big or small affects our lives in various ways, eventually. It is very essential to stay updated with recent happenings not only in India, but all over the world.

Current affairs are result of information for various spheres of life, it covers different fields like economy, politics, science and technology and much more. It educates us about the prevailing condition in our country and thereby warns us against the dangers that may encompass our environment. We might think that current affairs on sports or any entertainment related field is of least importance and is only directed towards a group of people. However, it is a myth which needs to be uprooted from the society. Every current affair is important for our lives. We learn throughout our lives and it is never enough.
There are many competitive exams which ask questions about sports or economy or any other field. The main reason behind this that they aim at making us aware of the importance of current affairs in our lives. They dedicate a major portion to the current affairs questions not only in exams but also interviews. In fact, many entrance exams have broadened their criteria for recruitment from the confinement of academic knowledge to the knowledge of general affairs. In every stage of our lives, we are pushed to emphasize on the importance of current affairs because it is only this, which can help us survive in this corrupted world full of unpredictable dangers.

Current affairs like economy, politics, sports, science etc serve a more significant purpose than merely providing information. They acquaint us with harsh realities of life. We need to stay updated and aware.

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