Gone are the days when external linking used to rule the roost. It used to be a major tool on which whole link building strategies used to be conceptualized. Still external linking is a very effective link building tool, but the limelight has been shifted to some other tools.

Currently Internal linking are gaining importance and has become a very vital component of majority of Link building India strategies. Although, hearing the term internal linking a large number of people assume it as something which has been recently introduced or created. But this is not true as internal linking tool has always been here. Earlier this tool was hardly included in any Link Building India strategies. There were many reasons why such kind of treatment was given to internal linking tool. The prime among those reasons was the inability of the internal linking tool to deliver quality SEO results.

Initially every Link Building services offering organization used to posses a host of other tools and techniques. These tools used to deliver much effective results, with in shortest period of time, which is why they were given so much importance over internal linking. Although a majority of these tools and techniques did not used to meet the guidelines set by the search engine giant, Google. And anything which does not follows the Google guidelines are normally termed as unethical. So when Google witnessed that the various Link Building Company are using too much of these tools to deliver quality SEO results, it decided to interrupt it. So they started tightening their grip around Link Building India organization and made them completely accept each and every aspect of their guidelines. This is how internal linking tool gained importance.

Internal Linking was once an undervalued and underrated SEO tool. It was very rarely used by Cost effective Link Building service offering organization to deliver quality SEO results. However, once it gained importance, due to Google effect, the various Links building India service offering organization also came to know about its other characteristics. These characteristics which were earlier unexplored by them helped them achieve far better SEO results. They even came to know how it can boost the SEO page results of any website and can sustain the results without much additional efforts. The best part about availing this service was that it can deliver best SEO results without any kind of external help or assistance.

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