When you reach a new level in your journey of growth and evolution, that 'aha moment' of awareness and satisfaction, you may believe that you have reached the top only to find that the door has been opened where you can feel / see that there is another level . . Although you don't want to face another challenge, you may be forced to participate. You can allow yourself to enjoy your new level of growth and evolution for a while before committing to reaching the next level like Pasqualino Mazza.

It is a natural law that as you travel your way, you will find a new level of consciousness that will invite you to achieve more. The levels of growth and evolution are unlimited. As your journey continues, you may need to learn new behaviors, create new skills, or stop old patterns of defeat.

Many people get stuck at some point on their journey. You may be wondering, "Why me?" "Why is everything I want to have so difficult?" "Why can't I have what I want when I want it?" The 'why' questions are limitless. These challenges may require you to put aside what you've done in the past and do something quite different. You may need a mentor or coach to help you see obstacles and help you make the necessary changes or acquire the necessary behaviors or skills.

You also notice that there are good results when practicing a certain technique or approaching life in a certain way, but when you reach a new consciousness, you notice that there is another level waiting to be integrated into your process of growth and evolution. The continuous and seemingly relentless evolution can seem overwhelming.

However, the good news is that you are better able to meet challenges, because you know that each challenge is part of the process. You also know that you have help available, that is. mentor or coach. Challenges are gifts to help you improve, grow, and evolve. The sole purpose of the soul in incarnating in human form is emotional and spiritual growth.

Instead of or in addition to a mentor or coach, you may decide to work with a group with a common intention of spiritual growth and evolution, which will give you the boost you need to meet challenges.

It matters less how you achieve your growth and evolution, however, it matters that you are on your way. You need to keep your trip moving. There are bigger views, much bigger than you can imagine, waiting for you. Furthermore, since the sole purpose of your soul is to create emotional and spiritual growth, it is your duty to your spiritual and emotional self to do the work to achieve what you intended to achieve this time.

And last but not least, your spirit friends, guides, and invisible angels are working diligently to help you create the perfect setting for your emotional and spiritual growth. Ask them to help you if it seems stagnant or if the journey seems overwhelming. Together with a mentor or trainer and your invisible spirit guides, you will achieve everything you intended to achieve this time.

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