Do you remember the beneficial effects of the Human Growth Hormone in your body from your biology classes? Have you perhaps been interested in using a quality HGH supplement? Perhaps in order to speed up your recovery after a painful injury or an operation? Yes, HGH supplements are known to achieve quite effective effects when it comes to speeding up the recovery process. In today’s article, you will discover everything that you need to know about the use of HGH supplements and much more.

For a normal production of the HGH in the human body, two hormones have essential roles. We are talking about the GHRH (GH-releasing hormone) and somatostatin. Of these two, the GHRH is responsible for stimulating the release of HGH in the bloodstream, while the somatostatin acts to inhibit the secretion in order to maintain the ultimate levels. As we mentioned before, the levels of HGH are at their highest point during the period of puberty. After puberty, these levels remain stable only to start normally decreasing after the age of 30. Despite the fact that the HGH is still present during old age, its levels are nothing to be compared with the levels of a young person in puberty or even after puberty.

Why are HGH supplements being used?
Talking about Human growth hormone supplements, there are various forms for you to choose from. In most cases, individuals choose HGH supplements that come in the form of capsules or powders. These HGH supplements are available legally over-the-counter, without a doctor’s prescription. In this case, the HGH supplements are actually amino acids that promote the production of HGH directly in the pituitary gland. This is one of the many reasons why they are considered to be quite beneficial and side effect free.

On the other hand, we have HGH supplements that come in the form of liquids, which are applied by using an injection. This type of HGH supplements must be administrated by a doctor, and they are known to cost more. The HGH injections have to be prescribed by a doctor who can only prescribe it for FDA approved condition where deficiency can be proven with a blood test. It is illegal to purchase HGH injections online or any place else without a valid doctor’s prescription.

So far, there have been numerous devoted users of the HGH supplements. For starters, athletes and bodybuilders seem to benefit the most of their use of quality HGH supplements, although, most of them seem to use HGH injections for the best results, under the medical supervision of course. HGH supplements can help one increase muscle mass and strength, bone mass, reduce body fats, lower cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system, and even enhance the cardiovascular function. Women have been found to benefit greatly from their use of HGH supplements, as a way to prevent and fight osteoporosis remove wrinkles and improve their sex drive. Keep in mind though that human growth hormones are not approved by the FDA for anti-aging and bodybuilding.

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