With regard to the evolution of marketing, the growth of Consulting and Market Research stands out, and other types of more traditional actions, such as advertising gifts and mailboxes, decreased.

Take advantage of the latest marketing methods: Digital Marketing

Growth of Digital Marketing
The most remarkable aspect of all recent studies is the unstoppable advance of the investment in digital marketing. In 2015, the percentage of this investment over the global marketing budget was 6%. And in 2019, the trend has been even more growing.
The advantages of digital marketing are very clear, from the possibility of interacting with social networks and their unlimited collection power, a better return on investment, much faster than traditional marketing or the possibility of making measurements and monitoring in time real, etc.

Here are some of the most popular digital marketing initiatives that helped growing the trend of investment in digital marketing in the business landscape:

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing is a concept, within the Digital Marketing, according to which it would be to offer value to the users of your brand, but without these consumers feeling that they are making a sale. The important thing is that they know your company, the products and services you offer, and for this the key is in the creation of quality content.

Social Media Strategy
Through a Social Media marketing strategy it is about achieving a good brand positioning, increasing visibility, promoting new sales and disseminating the concepts that define the organization or brand. Ultimately, the purpose in this field is to increase business contacts, more followers, etc.
It is important to consider that the results will not be immediate. That is, it takes time and planning in regard to the Social Media plan to achieve the objectives set.
Online reputation is a very important concept. It is about the users of forums and social networks having a good impression of your brand, but also that they spread that good opinion. Social media gives you the opportunity to interact in real time with potential clients and allow you to establish a closer relationship between client and company.

Email Marketing Strategy
Starting an email marketing campaign may seem simple but it has its secrets. There are different platforms on the Internet that help, even many of them for free use. But generating a strategy with measurable objectives is another different matter. Once again it is necessary to highlight the importance of using a specialized digital marketing agency, to achieve the best results.
In any case, the first thing to do is the definition of the objectives of this strategy, be it the creation of a new sales channel, customer loyalty, the increase in sales or number of subscribers, etc.
Once the objectives have been defined, the next step is to plan the action: sending content, exclusive offers to subscribers, creating video tutorials of products and services, contests and raffles among subscribers, etc. consult the article; Powerfully effective email marketing tactics to attract customers.

Beautiful Landing Pages
In any type of digital marketing methods usually most involved the use of a landing page. Landing page is where you show potential customers about what you do and how well you do it (if you are selling a service). Most of the time landing page will be the factor that either will make or break a digital marketing campaign
How to Create Landing Pages
1. A detailed, clear and concise explanation of the benefits you offer.
2. The heading has to be persuasive, direct, and generate impact.
3. It is very useful that you use special characters; lists, bold, italic and contrasting colors to highlight the really important.
4. It is essential to eliminate distracting elements that can make the user distracted or change places.
5. The offer you are promoting has to be combined with quality videos and images.
6. It is necessary to add relevant testimonials, with the ability to believe, as well as to include social media buttons, to share.
7. The results, awards and acknowledgments of the product you sell or the brand in general, also generate a good commercial impact.

The most important thing is that the visits that the landing page receives are of quality and the public is interested in the product. Create an appropriate strategy that gives you guarantees with a good choice of keywords, an effective database and a selection of sites to publish that can attract audiences interested in your product and take

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