How to detect angelic presence and distinguish between angels and spirit guides.

Guardian Angels are assigned to us at birth and remain with us throughout our lifetime. An angel guide on the other hand is one that we can call upon for extra assistance. All of us can call upon many angels, in addition to our Guardian Angel, to help us in any situation. Their role is to steer us in the right direction, to reassure and to guide us once we request their help. They are not here to interfere in our life lessons but to help make our life’s journey an easier path to tread.

Guides, on the other hand, are our closest friends in the spirit world. They are there to help us and are available to us as soon as we ask for help or guidance. They give inspiration and pass messages through our intuition. We have one main Spirit Guide throughout our life in addition to others who come and go as the need arises, according to what lessons we have to learn. A Spirit Guide may try to steer us on the right path if we ask their advice, although we have freewill and are left to make the final choice.

A Spirit Guide is one who has previously lived in the physical realm, gaining knowledge and wisdom throughout many lifetimes, whereas an angel has never lived life as a human; they vibrate at a different frequency, offering a loving presence to help protect and guide us. The only time an angel is allowed to intervene without being first asked is when a life threatening event occurs. If it is not our time to pass over, angelic intervention can save our lives.

When to call upon Angels:

Angels are there for us at all times, whenever we need help. They can be called upon for anything, ranging from asking them to enable us to feel joy, grace and compassion, to locating a parking spot or to assist other people through hard times. For example, if we ask angels to help another person, the angels will do their best to assist the person in question without imposing on their free will. Angels can also be asked to help us understand something we are struggling with, to guide family and friends in difficult times and to help ease illness. They always work for the highest good of all concerned.

Detecting Angel Presence:

In energy terms, angels vibrate at a high frequency, they do not have a physical form as such so they may demonstrate their presence through several means. They may appear as physical, with robes and wings so that we recognise them as angels, but this is quite rare. White feathers in unexplained places are often noted as an angel’s ‘calling card’. They may also make their presence felt through touch, often stroking the hair or face; or they appear as flashes of light seen out of the corner of the eyes, or brightly coloured orbs. Sometimes, one may even be able to detect their presence through sensing a light floral smell, even when there are no flowers in the vicinity. They communicate with us telepathically to get a message across. It’s usually a soft, loving voice that is not controlling nor demanding.

Whenever angels wish to make their presence known, there is an overwhelming feeling of warmth and love, a sense of security and reassurance.

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