Guardian angels have long been watching over us. Since time began, and in every culture, angels have been with us in one form or another.

Representations of the angelic realms tend to come to us at times of personal, spiritual awakening. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that records of angelic interventions are found in almost all the systems of religious belief from Christianity and Judaism to Islam.

Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible contain plenty of angel stories.

In the Old Testament, it is in the Book of Daniel that we first learn of the angels Michael and Gabriel by name. Daniel survives the lion's den because angels shut the lions’ mouths. It is also here that we learn of the guardian angels of the nations.

Later in the New Testament, it is Gabriel who appears to Mary to tell her that she is pregnant with Jesus.

It is generally accepted that angels give us compassionate counsel throughout our times of need.

Even the most famous of fallen angels, Lucifer or "light giver" as he is known, is sometimes acknowledged as being sent by God to strengthen our spiritual resolve. Controversial as his presence is, he is the shadow that reveals the light.

Bob Miller first met his guardian angel at the age of eleven years old. It all started on Ghost Mountain and is located in the hill country of north Alabama, Belgreen, Alabama to be exact. Belgreen is a census-designated place and unincorporated community in Franklin County, Alabama, United States, located west of Russellville and east of Red Bay on Alabama Highway 24.
He has since recorded his adventures with his guardian angel named Zabar, in his compilation of short stories.

Guardian angels are not only protectors but also our guides to greater awareness.

Bob Miller's gripping storylines pay testament to this.

"An Angel Named Zabar" shows us that guardian angels can appear in many forms and in all walks of life.

Zabar, as is the habit of guardian angels, turns up in the most unlikely of places where hope no longer appears to exist. Zabar generally appears as a peaceful sandal-wearing messenger and guardian, not quite real and not quite unreal. His presence is fluid throughout all the short stories in the book, even though all the stories are individual and stand alone.

These stories make inspirational reading for those of us searching for our angels, as they take us through various encounters with the angelic realms. From the introductory story about meeting Zabar, "My Friend Zabar" through to "Today and Beyond," which feels more like a homecoming, Bob Miller show us that guardian angels are with us everywhere, on whatever path we take, come sea or mountain, sidewalk or gutter.

Angels manifest in different ways for different people. For some, such as poets and writers, angels may manifest as a muse. For others, they can appear as a vision, a voice or a physical being.

Angels, it would seem, are adaptable in their approach.

This compilation of shorts differs from other books on the subject. Each storyline is different and takes place in different landscapes. From "A Deer Named Titan" and "Windy Ridge," set in the country, to more urban tales such as Waterloo, each story demonstrates that you can meet your angels in the most unlikely of places. You can even meet your guardian angel at sea as in "Pride of Ownership."

Weaving through the lives of ordinary and not so ordinary folk, it feels as if the angels themselves are speaking to us through this book of shorts.

Well-written family material for both adults and adolescents alike is contained in this collection of short stories from the angelic realms; Bob Miller appears to have earned his wings.

Author's Bio: 

B.W. Miller was born in Florence, Alabama. Miller served as a pilot in Vietnam in 1968-69 and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal. Challenged Richard Shelby for a seat in the U.S. Senate in 1992. Produced the television show, The Late Show (BLAB 2001). Worked as the golf pro on Holland America's ms Westerdam. Bob Miller is America's most controversial writer and has authored seven books. He is the author of Kill Me If You Can, You SOB and Kill Me If You Can Epilogue.

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