Angels are very highly developed spiritual beings that inhabit the seventh heavens. They come from the heart of the Creator (the Source of all things) and also help in the creation. Angels can serve as guides, guardians, assistants, and healers and perform many beneficial activities. Angels possesses subtle, refined vibration which makes them transparent and practically, for most of the humanity, invisible. Angels can, however, take a material body, but they do that extremely rarely and only if it is absolutely necessary. In that case, they take the form that we would like to see. By far, the best known group of Angels to us is the group of Guardian Angels.

Out of all Angels, majority of calls from the side of humanity go to Archangel Michael and immediately after to Archangel Uriel. They have greatest possibilities of helping the sons and daughters of God. People have woven out of their unfavorable thoughts and feelings painful experiences, and for the resolution of them they invoke the help of Angelic Beings. The earnest soul indeed receives their help. The Cosmic Law is invariable in its decree that an Angel can be invoked only from the very spot where the Angel’s help is needed. Otherwise, the endless legions of Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel would have eons ago raised the humanity into the Light, dissolving the shadows.

The basic attributes of Archangel Michael are Faith and Protection of the First Blue Light Ray. On the other hand, Divine service is the basic quality of the Sixth Gold Light Ray – the Ray under direction of Archangel Uriel and His Divine Complement Donna Grazia, the Lady full of mercy. Archangel Uriel is also the leader of the Guardian Angels. A Guardian Angel can answer the calls and earnest prayers that come from the depths of one’s soul in need. “Lord, please help me” is the sentence needed for invocation of one or as many Angels as necessary.

A Guardian Angel is associated with every human being from the very beginning. This Angel belongs to the legions of Angels of service under Archangel Uriel and Donna Grazia. The Guardian Angel has many obligations, more than we can imagine. In serving a particular human being, the Guardian Angel has entered voluntarily, out of its own free will. In that way a lasting bond had been established and that bond is a result of the Angel’s free choice.

If one serves the Light, that service has as a result expansion of consciousness, developing wisdom, and realization. The Guardian Angel too undergoes constant spiritual growth in order to be able to offer the human soul what is needed. This is no easy task since people often take byways and the Guardian Angel constantly needs to send light rays into the human consciousness to keep the soul on the main road. But if the disarray increases, this help might not be enough. Then the Guardian Angel prolongs everything that needs to be done during waking hours and is active during the night, while the human spirit, emotions and active mind are relaxed.

There is hardly any man who is conscious of the Guardian Angels, and even fewer are those who recognize them. Only with the later is the outpouring of the Guardian Angel constant and very effective. In order to be able to perform their work successfully, the Guardian Angels are being educated with special emphasis on the qualities of patience, compassion and understanding. This is due to the fact that people often react unfavorably to the efforts and radiation of their Guardian Angel. Depression, pain, sorrow and other discordant feelings are common heritage of the humanity and Angels make efforts to alleviate the suffering of the individuals, to change the course of negative energies and to replace them with hope, faith and love.
The Guardian Angel is our sincerest friend – the one who loves us unconditionally. The greatest wish of our Guardian Angel is to help us on our spiritual way. The human energy field is frequently negatively imbued and emotively charged. It is in our best interest to clarify this and to assist our Guardian Angel in his task of sustaining us on the path of purity, harmony, and happiness.


The spiritual law does not allow Angels to interfere with you and your life unless you ask them to do so. Therefore, whenever a problem occurs, ask for their help. I suggest the following meditation:

Try to be calm, relaxed, with tranquil mind and without restless thoughts. After you have completed your usual breathing exercises for accumulation of pranic energy and after relaxing the muscles of your physical body and relaxing all other internal bodies, you can start the meditation by invoking to you Angel and saying clearly and articulately as to what your problem or your plea is. Be aware that Angels can assist you only in the undertakings that comply with the wellbeing of the Universe. You can invoke Angel’s help for acquiring some necessary virtue within your aura, so that your world can be improved. The Angels are there even for simple, everyday’s things, and equally for more complicated problems. It is up to you to address them, and ask them for help. They can fill your heart with a lot of love, and the result will be beyond your bravest expectations.

Author's Bio: 

Olga Rezo is a mystic, writer, and painter. She is the founder and leader of the Psychophysical Development Society of Belgrade. She helps the disciples on their spiritual path with her original spiritual development method "Sunny Ray". She is the author of the book "I am who I am", and webmaster of the internet site Sunceva Zraka and its English counterpart Sunny Ray - Spiritual Development Guide.