Guernsey Governor you are under arrest Sir?” Before E. coil symptoms!

The Islands of Guernsey administrations believe no ‘GOD’ or “Allah” according to The Germany soil under the treats of E.coli. The Land of Almighty. Within mean of poisons the deadly strain of the bacteria for ignorance in virtue forbidden natural fruits, Vegetables in the Islands of Guernsey and European Country to prevent from consumptions by none-Believers those who the Authority of the States officials.

The Islands of Guernsey, Medical Board was given in advance warning, unfortunately the warning ‘Apple’ fall into nor ‘Sir Isaac Newton’ head in reality but to The States Agricultural Minister head in Germany under the attack of new symptoms of E.coli, the soil of European Country instead of Guernsey Commissioner head, without Islamic [Hat] on his head there is no recognized States Holy saints in Guernsey nor in Germany in the Land of Lord Jesus Christ, the domiciles soil of lands has been affected by diseases from almighty Lord.


The second to non soil of Germany the First Islamic Quranic Verse the Declaration of Faith the spoken word written in Language of Arabic without known seeds and inks in the Bonn, City, Germany, Forest. And or discovered inside the human being ‘LUNG’ by medical Science Almost fourteen hundred year ago nation claimed ‘Mad, Crazy, and Liar’-(Na-Wo-Zu-Bil-La), Today his name in the heart of Prime Minister of Germany. I am sorry I mean in the Forest and inside human being ‘LUNG’ the most peoples suffer from ‘LUNG’ cancers.

Which was believed to be the States “SIGN” Language for the peoples of European and specially for the Islands of Guernsey administrations and Germany without compromise to accept “La-He-La-Ha-Hil-Lal-La-Hu—Mo-Ham-Ma-Dur-Ra-Su-Lul-La”—which was discovered written in the Bonn, City Germany. And inside the tube of human being ‘LUNG’ Second to none Richest and luckiest Country probably after Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. The house of (Kabba), God.

Unfortunately, Islands of Guernsey, Evening Press and Star, taken fool out of “E. Coli” symptoms the truth in the years of 1995. As told in press:

“The idea was to find the silliest rule that people stuck to because it was more than their job was worth not to?”

the bilingual author of the English Book of poetry, ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ regret and sympathize the Islands of Guernsey, Education Board, and the European Government of Germany, and today Agriculture Ministers “You are under arrest” by your own Lord Jesus Christ, and his beloved Father without Military Army attention or police Commissioner warrants.

Peoples of probably not Guernsey but Germany today they are under the care of Medical Board without treatments. The (WHO) World Health Organization lost not Cultures, Identities, Heritage, but in Revelation in Medicine to secure the members of public health form’s. ‘E.Coli’ symptoms instead of as mentioned by Guernsey press “silliest rule that people stuck?”

…It is not only ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ taste in better but better to stuck to silliest rule of Law, Bonn, City, Germany, Forest, Kalima. Days and many years to come!

Which Medicine was given in advance in the Bonn, City, Forest free of charge to the European Government unfortunately, accepted by no man kind in the Land of European Country, including Guernsey and Germany?

The soil of Guernsey and Germany is crying for the peoples of German and will cry until the Prime Minister of Germany and Guernsey Declare in the name of Lord: “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—mean in University Language in English “Introduction” and in plain English:

“In the name of Almighty, Lord, (Allah/God), the most merciful and the most beneficial of mankind”

In German Language:

“Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”- “Im Namen der Allmächtige, der Herr, (Allah / Gott), der Barmherzige und die meisten Vorteile der Menschheit”

And declare to your own peoples “The Islamic States of Guernsey” and “The Islamic States of Germany” free from British ‘LGBT’ and condoms States.

As in history ‘Bil-Kis-Rani’ in Religion (786), Islam at the time of Prophet Solomon. Before it to late millions of peoples sake of States ignorance in Revelation, (Revelation: 1—4), and sake of your own peoples of Guernsey and Germany, Don’t take my words nor Medical Doctorates Doctors today but Holy Bible Verses Matthew: 13: 13—24).

There is answer to your problems given by your own Lord. Instead of begging other for donation of blood for treatments of E.coli. May Almighty Lord bless in the name ray of light as ‘Visual Hallucination’ in memory of Prophet Ibrahim in history “Nil Dariar Prem” and in Reality in Russia nine month old Boy body name of “Allah” Lord.

those who most in life affected by “E. Coli” Symptoms due to the States Minister(s) ignorance’s in Politics as in Russia after seeing the Miracles of truth medical professional say ‘No Answers?’ This is polite notice from “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He” Lord Jesus Christ to the Government of European Country and States Minister(s), and finally Islands of Guernsey Evening Press and Star Editor to inform the administrations the language colour of truth.

The peoples of European Guernsey and Germany Country wish not to receive the States warning as Head Line Internet SUN News, “Hurricane Irene Kills man as 2million are told to evacuate”—(Internet: Sun News:27/08/2011), more than two million citizen’s told to get out of “HE-SA-RU-HU-LUL-LA-HE” –R.A), domicile soil of land before British Time 10 p.m. “Inna-Lilla-He-O-Inna-He-Lai-He-Ra-Je-Own” — day light robbery without the States crime reference number given. What was their crime of offence my dear Lord?

Where is ‘British and U.S.A. Prime Ministers, save the North Carolina, and peoples from Prime Minister, Rt. Hon, Allah, another word Lord Jesus Christ Father? Yesterday our Prime Ministers became ‘Indian Gourmet’ Restaurant as tandoori ‘Chicken’ powerless Ministers fail to restore the Hurricane when not ‘I’ but we going read news our Prime Minister ‘Suicide’ who made second to none after Prophet ‘Mohammad’-(Saw), Hozrot Boro Peer, Abdul Kadir Zillani, (R.A), country, nation made graveyard, by power of British and U.S.A. Government, under the International ‘Human Rights’ policy from West to far as Baghdad, Iraq. When they failure to secure their own country from hurricane?

When by name ‘Abdul Kadir Zilllani’ those who mentioned without, ‘abolition’ immediately, faced symptom of ‘skin cancers’ and peoples died immediately, as in history told, Today, what we not heard in fairytale from our Great grand Mother but seen reality country made graveyard, millions of out of peoples ‘Brothers and Sisters’ in Isla—M, blood became ‘Oceans’ in the street of Baghdad, Iraq. Never faced ‘Skin cancers’ yet?

British and U.S. A. Government your time is very close and near the worse news than ‘Tsunami 2004’ or “Hurricane Irene Kills man as 2million are told to evacuate” or ‘E. Coli’ Symptoms nation never seen or heard fairytale from yet to comes?

This message of news to whom it may concern to the Guernsey European Country Ministers should not regard as a love letter as in history in Islam sixty year old ‘Julaka’ fall in love with Prophet Ibrahim, who refused kind offer of tax-free love and or from Abdul Haye Amin.

But, invites members of Ministers to pay visit to not ‘Taj Mahal’ in India but in local Churches and Rule and Govern within your appointed Lord. Before is too late for ordinary members of public’s life on Strike. ‘Friendship Click of Fingers’ will not last in as blink of human eyes in seconds as lesson we already learned from “You are under arrest Sir?” without any warrant– “Hurricane Irene Kills man as 2million are told to evacuate” How many peoples life in dangers?

Another word Guernsey and European Economic Country the Authority of the States official’s, Ministers, Diplomatic, today by your own ‘He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He’ Lord says, — “You are under arrest Sir?” no one will ever bail you out as a States Ministers today but to search not pornographic Internet sites as former British Home Secretary, Rt. Hon, Jacqui Smith, M.P. but Bonn, City, Germany, Forest for an answer to your States problems?

Unless otherwise, Until your own name has been prescribed and or written without known seeds and inks to prove the nation other than ‘Muslims’ those who follows, without any I.D. card as a States Ministers ‘You are correct?’ to drive the Authority of the States not Sir, Madam, or Ministers but Your Honour?

We members of public never intent to face second time as ‘Tsunami 2004’ or “Hurricane Irene Kills man as 2million are told to evacuate” and or Australian Prime Ministers was seen dancing in the street of Sydney more the seventy-five thousands peoples with free packets of Tower Hamlet, N.H.S, condoms, to find a place to not “Worship” but to swim unfortunately, there was no swimming pool, to swim in ‘DRY LAND’ other than to run from Sydney District to save human life.

Thanks almighty Lord, your ‘Sign’ is shown instead of in the Islands of Guernsey yet nearly every part of the nation to fears of almighty Lord “Allah” before it to late for any writers or author to put into word in language grammar to secure our environment and society we live in.

Please my dear Lord don’t be so cruel your name I heard “Ga-Fu-Rur-Ra-Him” not ‘Cruel Friend’ in this world don’t make us to leave our home or Country to save our own life from none nor enemy but from you my dear almighty “Allah” Lord. When raining or shining or hurricane your name we invest and trust most don’t act as enemy of all. But seal Guernsey Press Editorial administrations with packet of N.H.S. condoms that they will never wish to see ever again as told “silliest rule that people stuck?” in the Kingdom of almighty Lord.

I promise in the name of virtue Our Ministers will finally declare my country, “THE ISLAMIC STATES OF…………………………….” and rule and govern within as stated in Holy bible, my dear Lord. I swear in the name of Lord my self is not blind or deaf before any monsoon or Hurricane ever strike in our country as Internet headline Sun news, I can read ‘Holy Bible’ to Govern my own country.

I may not be the Guernsey and or European country, ‘Manoel Da Assumpcam’ from Portugal, to instruct foreign country to rule in ‘Bangla’ as in Bangladesh after almost three century. The romantic love song’s “Allah Akbar” heard by ordinary peoples five times a day.

The first none-Muslims, the first man from U.S.A. (America), not Adam in the moon claim heard the sound of love song’s “Allahu Akbar” he was surprised by hearing in his ears the sound in the moon. Without any electric device how come the Arabic sound reach far as moon?

My Lord I trust the first none-Muslims U.S.A. man in the moon was not lying as ‘Prophet Mohammad-(Saw), was indeed none-Muslims nation discovered second nature was to lie to gain or to receive any honour from?

My Lord bless the soul of first U.S.A. man in the moon who heard the romantic love song “Allahu Akbar” in the moon and for telling us the truth not like his or her Prophet Mohammad, (Saw), as always lied far as his name in the forest, the sign of lies?

I believe the Islands of Guernsey authority of the States never will steal romantic love song’s “Allahu Akbar” every corners of the Islands instead of ‘Fish and Chip shop’ to honour first U.S.A. man in the moon who discover the miracles sounds of ‘Allahu Akbar’ another word in Medical science “MEDICATION” far as it reach individual’s ears, and those who suffer symptoms of “Glue Ears”, Schizophrenia, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Mental Health Illness, coronary heard, and or stroke, ‘Post-Traumatic Stress [PTSD] Disorder’ etc. According to Nistur Bandhu researchers under the Occupational Therapists for ‘Music and [BSMT] sound therapy.

The First Prime Minister of Bangladesh, ‘Bongo Bandhu’ Sheikh Mujibul Rahman stolen the Medical Ingredients of romantic love song’s “Allahu Akbar” Five times a Day. Played freshly sound of human being voices not by recorded as ‘East London Mosque’ London, but Established in Bangladesh. Recorded message is an offense, (Invocation) crime under the eyes of Islam where there is human nature to play as often heard by.

I trust my Lord none Muslims Guernsey and the States Ministers will come to terms and honour Prophet Mohammad, – (Saw), who ever he was the best friends of Prophet Jesus Christ, (John: 16: 7—15: Sura: Al-Bakaraho: 30: British Tablet: Seroxat). Before our nation nearly every day face crisis’s in this temporary world of dust and lust. To gain fake honour, respect, name and reference on white sheet piece of paper to frame in his or her bed room wall instead of only mirror.

My Lord bless the Islands of Guernsey never wash a way as in U.S.A. Islands seen free bath and showers driven millions of citizen’s and followers from their home and country. Those who never stuck to “silliest rule that people stuck?” in life. The Guernsey Governor must pay duty of taxes toward Lord if authorities of the States ever intend to bite fresh Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and lettuces, as Empire in India, Shan Sha, build the States out of seven wonders, the “TAJ MAHAL” nation pay the States visits to see not St. Peter Port, but ‘Taj Mahal’ in India, The Princes of Wales was sympathize in 1995 duration of his visit nothing as symbol of love ‘Taj Mahal’ in the Island of Guernsey, my Love?

By Bilingual Author Abdul Haye Amin. []

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