Umrah is being in Ihram and having made Niyyat for Umrah when crossing the prescribed Meeqat. Ihram for men is simply two piece unstitched garment. He can change as many as he wants but remain in it until his Umrah is complete. For women it is their full dress that they wear daily. That dress must be alienated and cleaned as her Ihram. She can also have as many ihrams as she is comfortable with. On arriving to Saudi Arabia your Meeqat point is well before your flight touches down in Jeddah. During Flying your airline will be inform you when that crossing will be. Men must adopt IJTIBA just as he is about to step into the Masjid Haram. Ijtiba is to keep the right shoulder uncovered. But, if he is to offer any prayer before performing Umrah than the shoulder must be covered. Women are to keep their face uncovered.

When you enter in the Masjid and spotting the Kaba stand to the side facing the Kaba and make all the Duas that you ever wanted to make including that for those who had asked you for doing so and for the deceased and for the General Umrah.

Stand before the Kaba away from the crowd and make Niyyat for the Tawaaf for Umrah Before starting the Tawaaf. Start from where you can see or know the location of Black Stone. Simply raise your hands up to shoulder level and read “Bismillah e Allaho Akbar” and move. Seven rounds of Kaba in that way and the Tawaaf is over. There is no prescribed or specific Dua to make when doing the Tawaf or Sai. Any Dua will do or any part of the Quran you have memorized will do. Look straight ahead and down.

Drink a good quantity of Zam Zam water. Make Niyyat before this drink reciting the Dua that the water is the source to quenching the thirst that will occur on the Day of Judgment. Move to Safa Hill. Face the Kaba and make Niyyat for the Sai of seven rounds between the Safa and Marwa Hills. Make other Duas that you may have. Then leave the Haram for your hotel if not the time is due for the next prayer. Men go to the barber shop to have their hair cut or shaven. Women cut a wrapping of strand of hair around two fingers. If you are planning to go for Umrah then there are so many agents who offer many Umrah packages, even Umrah packages 2015 are being offered by travel service providers.

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