If you are planning North fork wine tours during the summer, exploring the Hamptons and twin forks of Long Island can be a good option to escape from the New York City frenzy. 

So, I'm going to show you what you can see and do on the east end of Long Island, especially in the Hamptons. But I will also explain to you how to get there in style and comfort according to your budget, to maximize enjoyment of the people who travel with you. 

Taking a tour like this, you will discover the Hamptons as you may have discovered them in television series like Royal Pains, Revenge or The Affair. 

How to get there? A Hamptons car service is the best option: 

This is the option that I recommend to you. Indeed, Hamptons driver really allows you to be autonomous and independent, even working while being transported. You get picked up and drop off when you want and take any route you like! 

Please know that if you are coming as a tourist, you will not need an international driving license. There are no worries about traditional car rentals when you hire a personal chauffeur. 

Then, the best plan is to go through the site Hamptons car service which offers, in my opinion, the best rates for luxury black car service with chauffeur in the region. 

I have hired a private driver many times in the United States in NYC, Florida or California, and quite frankly apart from knowing I could potentially save money by going in my own economy vehicle, the value add is really worth the investment. 

In closing, I would like to advise just one thing - if you want to get the best wine tour from NYC, I think it is good to leave very early in the morning (7:30 am-8am) as it takes approximately 2.5 hours. Then, the best is to go to the end, that is to say Montauk or the vineyard furthest west, and then return at your leisure, passing through most of the villages of Hamptons and even western Long Island. 

The reason it is better to do it in this manners is so that you can manage your time and you can stop and get a bite or a drink at the time you want without worrying about inebriation or fatigue. Finally, for those who take the ‘rental car’ option because they want to be in control of the day, think of the costing of gas, insurance, rental price and not being able to relax while finding parking or maneuvering around other drivers. Simply makes the day less enjoyable. 

So really take the time to explore each vineyard, or stop in a few villages to walk around, because you will see all the nuances of each town. Most all are very charming and worth a walkabout. 

Understanding east end of Long Island with its geography and demography - and the hamlets in The Hamptons 

Long Island is therefore an island in the state of New York which extends from east to west on the American east coast. 

It is 190 km long and 30 km wide or 3,567 km2 (therefore approximately twice as small as Corsica). 

At its western end, there is the city of New York City and at its eastern end, there are the Hamptons with Montauk at the far end. 

If you escape the city, there is still a dense population outside of NYC. Census says there are 7.5 million people living on Long Island. The vast majority live in Nassau County, that is to say closest to NYC and Queens. Based solely on these figures, it is the 17th most populated island in the world, notably in front of Ireland and Jamaica.

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