Guidance to increase chance of pregnancy...

Meaning of pregnancy :- Pregnancy is the term used to describe when a foetus develops into a woman’s womb or uterus. A normal time period of pregnancy last for 40 weeks that mean 9th months but in some females it may last for 8th months or we can say 36 weeks.

After marriage all woman’s want to conceive baby no matter weather they can or they can’t. A normal pregnancy is when u have copulation between you and your partner . But some females have problem in copulation due to some reason such as infertility, low sperm count, low sperm morality etc. Now a days there is no such problem because best IVF center in Indore provide you the best treatment regarding these problem. In hospital, they have In vitro fertilization specialist in Indore which will help you in conceiving pregnancy by IVF treatment.

All female dream for a baby but some have old age parents in their house which give proper and best guidance for being pregnant. Although all family or partner don’t have grand parents at their home and they also want to have baby so the solution for them is here —

Some important points you should know :

Mind set to get pregnant - Mind set for pregnancy here means you and your partner must be that much mature so that you can take responsibility of upcoming baby. Having baby is not at all game that you can play it is a big responsibility about baby future. IVF specialist in Indore will provide you this facility before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

Live healthy life - Healthy life is always needed by a person no matter while pregnancy or not. Healthy life include proper diet, excersise daily, meditation daily, stress free life etc. In pregnancy, a woman should take care of all these things she should be free from stress, any type of tension, must do excersise but by doctor concern IVF specialist in Indore will provide you the book of excersise you should do during your pregnancy.

Avoid going washroom after intercourse - You had listen that don’t lay down your legs after intercourse and avoid going to washroom after intercourse it’s some how true because when sperm is ejaculated to the vaginal tract it may take few minutes to travel to the cervix and get you to pregnant.

Get to know about your menstrual cycle – you must be known to your menstrual flow or periods. It mean the period of ovulation is best chance to get pregnant for a female. If you have irregular periods or having issue in getting menstrual flow than consult with best gynaecologist. Periods are most necessary cycle of a women life for getting pregnant and also for other activity.

Be aware of age - Some woman try to conceive pregnancy after menopause or we can say after ovulation or menstrual cycle stops. Its not possible to get pregnant after menopause by having intercourse. But the solution for this problem is IVF treatment Or Test Tube Baby treatment. There are numbers of IVF centre’s which provide you the treatment but you must choose best IVF centre. You may go by IVF specialist in Indore.

Avoid taking birth control pills – If you want be pregnant you must avoid taking birth control pills or any other pills to not have baby. Taking medicines and barrier such as condoms, pills etc. will decrease your chance of pregnancy.

Say bye to smoking drinking - Habit of smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, consuming tobacco and drugs will decrease pregnancy chances. Having above these will irregular your menstrual flow and if your menstrual cycle is getting irregularities than you may have problem in getting pregnant.

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