Fortunately, the PCI Council doesn’t simply make this ruling and then leave smaller companies hanging out to dry. It produces a guidance document which explains all the responsibilities that SMEs must undertake, and how they can make sure a payment processing provider is doing likewise.

The guidance covers a number of areas, including:

  • Determining the scope of your requirements of the payment processing provider
  • Undertaking the due diligence of the payment processing provider
  • Documentation involved in engaging the services of a payment processing provider
  • Guidance on monitoring and measuring PCI DSS compliance
  • we recognise the genuine need for safe payment card processing for the likes of Mail & Telephone orders (MoTo), online ecommerce processing and the evolving need for mobile credit card acceptance. We strive to offer merchants a superior customer service during the development and implementation of their website. Our dedicated account managers and customer support team can help you understand which services are best suited to your business. We then work with your team to make sure it is integrated and delivered first time, on time.
    We are now integrated with banks all over the world, as well as multiple shopping carts, alternative payment providers and ecommerce solutions specialists. However, we are not bank owned and can pass the benefits of this independence straight on to our customers, advising them on the banks, shopping carts and ecommerce partners that best suit them.

    We are an authorised BACS service provider indicating that our security measures have been assessed and rubber stamped by banks and regulatory authorities.

    We have achieved level 1 PCI DSS status, which is a benchmark of approval from the major credit-card companies that our authorisation procedures and data security protocol are of the best available quality.
    As a further seal of approval, we have gained many high profile public sector clients over the years to include universities, local authorities and charities. These customers are notoriously stringent in their demands that services rendered must adhere to local, To get more information , Please have a Click on Secure Payment Services .

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