There are different types of home theater systems which include 7.1, 5.1 and 2.1. In these systems, the first digit usually refers to the number of main speakers and the .1 refers to a subwoofer. Since, there are so many speakers many of you might think that the subwoofer is not necessary. But you must know that a sub-woofer is really necessary because many speakers do not deliver the high level of bass which is important while listening to music jazz.

Hence, look the following guide if you want to buy the best home theater system

Sound Quality

If you want to install the home theater in a big room then you can select 10-inch or 12-inch woofer cone While in the case of a small room, 5.1 speaker system is enough as it has one subwoofer and 5 speakers This includes 2 Surround Speakers, 2 front speakers and one centre-channel speaker where as in case of a 7.1 speaker system there are 2 more rear speakers in addition to the above. Hence, you can choose any of the above home theater systems according to your desire.

After selecting the best type of sound system for your room theater, the next thing is to experience the Sound quality manually. A best sound system would produce the output sound from different speakers for movie dialogue and background music. This can be felt by the minor delay caused in the output sound. However, this is difficult to detect but a clear understanding of this will give you an idea about the difference in sound from different speakers. Although, it is not easy to find the delay but still the knowledge of all this would help you to feel the difference in output from different speakers.

Video Quality

When you select the sound quality of the system the the next thing is to look at its video quality. The video quality and its picture is most important for a user since the video is what that worth your money The picture display must be of high quality 3D in HD. The connection to the DVD player must be component connection. A component connection has lot of advantages over S-video and composite video. This is because it transmits 480i video or 480p video using three different jacks for HD video signals.

In this case, you can consider HDMI connection as the best option. As it uses single cable for audio and video and therefore the frequency ot these signals increases considerably. Hence, in this secure connection, due to single cable the frequency does not reduce and gives high output

Finally, you must select the best players according to your desire. Most of the DVD players gives an output of 480i or 480p (scan lines of progressive scan). As this is not bad for normal TV but in these modern days many people use HD TV such as LCD or Plasma. Therefore, if you have such high definition TV in your room then it is preferable to go with a player which can deliver HD quality such as 1080p. Blu-ray disc player is the best example of high quality players that can be connected to a home theater system.

Therefore, before you buy a home theater system, ensure that the system comprises all the above components and make sure that it has the capacity to withstand and deliver the goods. Apart from the above said, small other things must also be kept in mind like the USB ports. The usage becomes lot easy if the player has ports for USB and memory so that you can play your files directly from your desktop or iPod. At last you must ask the vendor to five you one month exchange warranty in case you want to exchange the Home Theater System.

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