The exposure of Northern Ireland to the Brexit decision is known to all. Impact on roots of the economy is visible. A survey done by the NI Chamber of Commerce declares that one in three companies in NI believes that Brexit has a negative impact on business. This impact is certain to affect the employment world and in turn the extent of struggle of the students who are planning for a big picture of future in their life.

Are you a student? Your pursue for the enlightenment through education should remain smooth and money can make it happen. Especially, when everything in the economy is uncertain, you need to be perfect in your preparation for the coming tomorrow.

For you, a particular company can be the best place to work, and nothing else can replace it in priority for you. However, for that company, you are not the only best employee, many more are in the queue to occupy the place. To exist in this race, a good education is necessary and for that, tools like study material, tuition, and above all a good educational institute should be there. All these demand a considerable investment of money and any scarcity there can create disturbance in your student life. Not for long, you can depend on your parents, it is perhaps the time to stretch your wings and live in the world on your own.

‘Necessity Is the Mother of Invention’ and to fulfil the scarcity of funds, loans were invented. Fortunately, a rich range of them covers educational expenses through the much known term Student Loans.

Know about Student Loan with its lucrative aspects

To have a strong support for your financial needs related to studies, it is necessary that you keep an eye on what is available as solution.


1. Fee Grant
2. Course Grant
3. Fee Loan
4. Disabled Student Allowance

You can apply for both fee grant and course grant but the loan amount you qualify for depends on your household income. This income is considered after deducting your major expenses. The course intensity is another decisive factor. You do not need to pay off the Fee Grant or Course Grant.

Fee Loan

This is for tuition fee. The limit of a fee loan cannot be more than the amount charges by the university. The maximum amount of fee loan in an academic year is reduced by the amount of the awarded fee grant in that particular student.

Disabled Student allowance

This is for the students with any kind of disability, mental-health condition and any specific learning difficulty.


There are Certain Situations, if you relate to any of them the loan options are available for you.

• Students from Northern Ireland can apply for the part-time financial package Fee Grant, Course Grant and a Fee Loan.

• Northern Ireland domiciled students for higher-education part time course in Wales, England and Scotland.

The Course You Want To Study Also Matters

The course you want to pursue should lead you to a higher education qualification that is recognised. To apply for the Course Grant and Fee Grant, the course intensity should be at least 50%. For Fee Loan, it should be 25%

The mind and intelligence can play their part but today education is not about intelligence only. It is about earning the capacity to exist in this super challenging world, where everyone has a replacement. Study well and get a financial support to keep the foundation of future UNSHAKABLE. The Student loans in Ireland are affordable with sundry benefits and you need to make the best use of the Sky of financial opportunities with wings of your efforts.

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