Not even a guide, but a few tips, but nonetheless.

So, first an article that may be useful to you in terms of reviews of alternative builds - By the way, the best guide I've ever seen is mage.

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You chose a mage and want to make him a level 80 killer car. Be patient and start by passing the first ten levels =)

Everything is bad and terrible. However, like the others, but the purchase of a complete set of the best things under the level of mein character will not save you much. Of the tools will only ice arrow, yes fireball. At 6 lvl a fireblast will be added and at 8 you can try kite mobs, since a spell of turning into a sheep will appear.

At level 10 you choose your specialization. My guide is built on the creation of frostmag, so I recommend that you spend the first five points in an improved ice arrow. At level 15, your conversation with mobs may look like this:
ice arrow - ice arrow - (ice arrow) - ice ring - ice arrow - fireblast.
Talents Iceberg (3/3) and Permafrost (2/3) are also taken. The first is needed for a faster CD on the ice ring, the second will increase the time it takes for the mobs to reach you after receiving the frostbolt.
At these levels, it is recommended to visit the fiery abyss and the grotto caves. There may fall good clothes + do not forget that in the dungeons experience runs with terrible force =)
You can also go to BG gorge war songs. From you it will be a sense, at least, in sheep and new.

At the 20th level, Tier 3 is opened in the talents of ice and we immediately drop 2 points into a fierce snowstorm. Then we finalize permafrost up to 3 points and send 2 points to ice fragments. A fierce snowstorm will help us in dungeons and solo quality. Ice fragments will increase critical damage. As soon as Tier 4 opens - immediately leave 3 points in the icing and 2 points in the ice limit.
Recommended to visit SFK (shadowfang keep) - a dungeon with werewolves. There falls a lot of tasty for the magician. Also not bad BFD in Ashenvale.
On BG we develop arati lowland
And do not forget to buy a horse at level 20 =) At current prices it will be no more than 5 gold.

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We refine ice fragments up to 3/3, if you often visit dungeons - it makes sense to leave 3 points on the ice stream. Otherwise, 3 points in frostbite and mobs will sometimes freeze from an icy arrow. At the 34th level, we leave a point in the Cold grip and wait for the 35th level to enter Tier 6, where we take the Ice Child 2/2, we recall the Stil Blood 1/1, it makes sense to throw 2 points into the piercing ice.
We actively go to the monastery of the Scarlet Crusade, where a lot of tasty things fall. You can visit the dungeons of iglokuryh. Closer to level 40 will be available Uldaman. Occasionally and there something may fall.
We continue to go to BG, although it is very hot there now =)

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There comes a cold time of the magician in the ice - an ice barrier appears. In order for it to appear, leave one point in the talent of the "ice barrier". Now, before the fight, you put on a barrier and go to destroy the mobs. There is much less. If earlier you used a mana shield, then you will have to drink much less now, which means that the speed of boosting will increase.
Immediately we throw two points into the destroyed ice barrier, and after you remove the barrier, all the attackers around you freeze like a ring of ice. Very useful talent on BG and boosting. 1 point in the piercing ice and 2 in the improved ice cone - it is useful for us on BG. Then we swing the strengthened ice arrow and ice fingers. With each talent, the magician in our country begins to use more and more freezing and crit on a frozen target.
You are waiting for Maradon, Uldaman, Zul Farrak. You have great blue clothes on each of these dungeons.
On BG, the world is transforming for the better =) And do not forget to buy an epic mount. This is another 50 gold.

The first point on the 50th level goes to the water elemental. You get an element and start to train a combo tent on mobs =) Elemental is generally a very useful thing - I recommend. Further development in talents you will have to choose yourself on the basis of what you want to come to before the heroic campaigns at the 80th level. I will describe useful talents.
Ice School contains:
1) Freeze the brain - a good talent, learn to use it and in protracted battles, he will raise you DPS. And sometimes it will help and not in protracted battles.
2) Long winter - not bad in dungeons
3) Supercooling - increasing damage and brakes of mobs
4) Deep freeze - pure PvPshny talent.
In the lasso you can use the standard scheme: Focus of Enchantment, Skillful Enchantment, Arcane Toughness, Magical Absorption, Arcane Focus, Torture of the Weak. All talents are boosted to the maximum.

But back to levels 50-60 =) Here we are waiting for some very good dungeons:
Necrosity, Depths of the Black Mountain, Peak of the Black Mountain, Stratholme. Previously, they had to be able to visit them (in terms of dialing a group), but now, with the new LFG interserver system, the search has become much simpler.

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