Would you like to buy a boat? A boat costs a lot of money, often even more than an average car. If your savings are enough to spend on a 23 thousand yacht or 600 thousand dollars, considers that you will require additional flows in the month of almost thousands of dollars for its maintenance and use.

All your life you have dreamed of owning a pleasure yacht? Do you think you already have enough capital to buy a boat? Here are some tips to consider before giving the yes to the first yacht that navigates your imagination, since the costs are considerably larger than the initial investment.

If you acquire one for the first time, it is advisable to start with a boat no more than 25 feet long, whose cost fluctuates from 20 to 23 thousand dollars, recommended Miguel Loret de Mola, commercial advisor of Compass Yacht.
If you later decide to upgrade, consider a 34-foot yacht, from 300 to 600 thousand dollars.

You should also consider the technical aspects, especially the hull of the boat, which should have a perfect balance in the weight to integrate the engines and generators; the design and mold of the hull, which must be efficient and very hydrodynamic for a more efficient navigation.

Another very important aspect to consider is the engine (s), which must be of recognized brands, with an extended warranty that provides services and facilities to bring parts if required, experts agreed. The maintenance must be carried out daily so that the boat works properly.

The maintenance must be carried out daily so that the boat works properly.

If you reside in a city far from the coast, you must hire someone to support you every day of the year to perform the corresponding services and give you directions of how your yacht is today, "the maintenance part is as or more important than the same boat".

Install a military defense system to avoid pirates

Apart from the storms, the only setback that can make your trip bitter is the dangerous pirates. Your ship is very sweet and you will attract the attention of all of them. But do not fear, just install a military ballistic system and no pirate will approach you for several kilometers around.

Hire on-board personnel

A ship so big and so expensive can not be managed by a single person. You have to hire a team to make your trip across the seas more placid. Essential will be a pilot, a chef, a butler and a cleaning assistant. * Note: If you want to have your employees happy, do not see them as in 'Vacations on the Sea'.

The Registration Process:

Any citizen of an EU member state has the right to register a yacht in Malta. Additionally, any company registered in an EU member state can also register a yacht under the Maltese flag. You can have any questions about the registration process or would like to investigate the specific circumstances of your own yacht, please visit yachtregistrationmalta.net for a confidential discussion.

Why Malta attracts millionaires with tax trick?

It is no coincidence that Malta has just rigged this lucrative tax trick for yacht owners. The German provincial executive Norbert Walter-Borjans (Finance, North Rhine-Westphalia) called the island "the Panama of Europe" - a tax haven within the borders of the European Union.

That is the reason why many multinationals and boat owners benefit from the very favorable tax rates on the island, while governments in the rest of Europe miss out on large amounts. Research shows that many American millionaires also buy their expensive boats via the Malta route. And that they then spend part of the savings on tax advisers who show them the way in the forest of European tax rules.

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Misty Jhones