Waiting until getting married is the practice of most single women before they would even think of buying their own house. Some, however are thinking about it because they want independence. Not only can they have their own private space when they buy a house, but they can also have a property to call their own

Here are some safety considerations that are helpful when buying a home:

* If possible, choose properties or houses that are in a fenced-in neighborhood wherein the only entrance and exit is through a gate with a security guard on-duty twenty-four hours.

* Be observant for busted street lights, dark corners and areas that can become potential hiding places for criminals.

* Take note of all the doors or points of entry as well as points of exit. It can happen that the house that catches your fancy is a big old one. These houses may have architectural features that have become passe in this day and age. It might have features like a dumbwaiter or a coal chute which may be used as alternative entry points by burglars. Secret passageways may even be present that you haven't thought of because this isn't your idea of a house. Secure all points of entry by checking the doors and windows. Remember the condition of these doors and windows and consider how much it would cost you to replace or repair them when needed. The costs for replacement and repairs plus the actual cost of the house would be expensive compared to buying a newer home. You can point these out during the negotiations.

* Consider homes with fences. Fences are deterrents to crime and you can allow your dog (if you have one) to run around without a leash. You might also consider getting a dog if you don't have any. These great pets provide additional security when you are living alone, plus they are fun to be with.

* Take note of the neighboring structures. You may have an abandoned building next door which can be a hotbed for crime.

* Think about having a garage attached to the house with an interior access door. With this, you can enter and exit your car within the safety of your garage. Using an electronic remote control, you just raise or lower your garage door. You don't have to expose yourself to danger whenever disembarking from your car late at night.

* Get a police perspective of the neighborhood by asking the local police station. Inquire about the crime rate of this neighborhood.

Are you buying a home without a realtor? Well, consider hiring one especially if you're a single woman who'll be home alone most of the time. These experts can get you the house that will be best for you in terms of aesthetics, comfort and, most importantly, security.

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Are you buying a home through buyers realtors? You just may need one, especially if you're a single lady who'll be home alone most of the time. A buyers agent can assist you as you look for a house that will be best for you in terms of aesthetics, comfort and, most importantly, security.