Moving across the country is rarely a joyous experience, It is even considered as stressful. However, it is obviously necessary (when required) and an unavoidable chore. And when you are moving cross country, then you must probably be searching for the cheapest way to move across country. Here are a few ways to move cross country, but make sure to choose your best way as early as possible for the least amount of stress and better deals.

Truck or Trailer Rental

Renting a moving truck or trailer to move all your belongings is considered as a do-it-yourself move and is almost always the cheapest way to move across country. However, this way is also considered the most stressful way to move. You have got a lot to plan for, from buying packing supplies to renting a truck. Plenty of physical work involved from packing to loading to driving the long distance, which puts you more at risk for accidents. You can make it easier with proper planning and by asking some of your friends and family to help you pack your belongings and load the truck.

Shipping Services

If you are traveling light, shipping all your stuff is probably your cheapest way to move across the country. You can use some popular freight shipping services for your move like u Ship, FedEx Freight or UPS Shipping & Freight. However, their prices fluctuate throughout the year, so make sure to check prices before choosing this DIY method as it could help you save money.

You can try using u Ship specialty moving services if you can fit and move all of your stuff yourself in your vehicle but can’t figure out how to move a couple of heavy furniture or special items like your piano. With this method, you can find people with extra space in their moving trucks or containers and the ability to move whatever you need for a price you both agree upon.

Portable Moving Containers

Moving containers comes in a range of sizes and you can choose one depending upon your needs. With this DIY method, you will have to do all of the packing and loading of the container, once it is dropped at your home. After it is loaded, the company will pick up the container and drive them to your new home. After you unload, they will pick up the empty container. The price of renting a moving container is usually close to moving truck rentals, without you having the burden of drive the moving truck.

Find Cheap Cross Country Movers

Hiring cheap cross country movers will simplify your move and that could be your cheapest way to move across country. Wondering where to start? Research is the best course of action. You need to search for cross country movers who are affordable, reliable, experienced and offer all the services that you need. The best way to find such movers is by comparing free moving quotes from multiple cross country movers at Moversfolder. To save money, you can choose to do packing yourself and hire movers to move your belongings. Also, moving during off season will help you get the best deals and discounts from them.

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Moving is stressful and when you are moving cross country to another home soon, then you must be desperately searching for the cheapest way to move across country. Here are a few ways to move cross country without hassle and as smooth as possible.