There’s nothing more appropriate or attractive than a men’s sherwani for a formal occasion. Be it for a festival or a wedding, it easily outshines other formalwear. Unlike western suits that are limited in color and pattern, sherwanis run the gamut. They give you an excuse to go all out and make a statement. However, with so many styles available how do you know which one to get? Most sherwanis come with a solid price tag so you want to make sure you pick the right one.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a sherwani


Where do you plan to wear your sherwani? Not all are created equally. Some feature heavy embroidery and instantly stand out for being very formal. Others aren’t embroidered as much and are suitable for less special occasions. If you need a men’s sherwani for a wedding, opt for one that goes the distance with its embroidery. There’s no better occasion to wear such a sherwani!


Sherwanis may be patterned or not and which to choose is entirely up to you. However, patterned sherwanis do stand out more. If you’re looking to make a statement, go for a sherwani with embroidery work and patterns. If you want to keep your look subtle, opt for one that’s lightly patterned. You can also go for a plain sherwani with a patterned collar and team it with a dhoti in a contrasting color.


Sherwanis are that rare breed of clothing that look amazing in any color. A deep purple, red, navy or peacock green have a regality that can’t be ignored. Gold, white, cream and silver are timeless – especially for grooms – while bright colors like yellow and electric blue have a playful edge. If you’re shopping for your wedding, you should choose a men’s sherwani that complements your bride’s attire.


A well-fitting sherwani is the most important thing to consider. You could spend a bomb and choose the most attractive sherwani but if it doesn’t fit well, it just won’t look good. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. You should feel comfortable in it. You’re going to spend at least a couple of hours wearing it so make sure it fits well!

Sherwanis look fabulous as they are but they can also be jazzed up a little more with the help of dupattas and shawls. In fact, if you’re wearing a plain sherwani and want to make it pop, there’s nothing like an embroidered or patterned dupatta/shawl with tassels to do it. Wear it over your neck or over the shoulder. Match the color to that of your turban or an accent color of your sherwani. For a perfect fit, you can always rely on Nihal Fashions Sherwani.

Sherwanis are classy, timeless and they speak for themselves. They continue to be the go-to attire for special occasions. While traditional sherwani styles still rule, there are those with modern twists. If you love a contemporary look, try pairing a sherwani with trousers and brogues. Or, choose a men’s sherwani with an asymmetrical hemline, layers or pleats. There’s plenty to pick from. Just keep the basics of choosing a sherwani in mind and you’ll come away with an outfit that puts you a cut above the rest!

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