Having a gaming PC is something we all dream of, especially growing up. But simply having one isn’t enough for happiness. The super gaming experience you are looking for depends on the performance of your PC and many of us struggle there and do not get to enjoy the games as they are supposed to.

Well, worry not my friends because this guide is all about enlightening you with ideas that will improve your FPS and thus, gaming PC performance. So, here we go:

Need an Immediate FPS Boost? Upgrade your Graphics Drivers

A graphics card is like a cornerstone of gaming experience but, without the proper software installed on your PC, you cannot unfold its accurate performance. To experience smoother gameplay, you should go from the driver that came with your PC or the graphics card to the most recent version.

You are a proud owner of the NVidia GPU (head over here), AMD’ian (visit this link) intel user (head over here), upgrading your graphics drivers will make a massive difference in the performance. Head over here to read more.

How to Find Out What Graphics Card I Have?

Simply go to “Control Panel,” next choose “Hardware and Sound.” From there, click on “Device Manager” and head over to where it says “Display adapters and you will find the maker and exact serial number there.

Better RAM For Better Gaming Experience

To maintain and to ensure the smoothness of an executed application maintenance, you need better RAM. Games require space to run smoothly and modern-day games require too much of it. And if you lack space or RAM, it will result in slower PC performance and poor gaming experience.

On the other hand, having more RAM will guarantee that once all game files are loaded from hard drive, they will stay cached and will load much quicker next time they are required. It will also allow you to return to the desktop without waiting.

Boost your FPS Optimization Tools like AVG PC Tune-up

Your Windows get slower with each program you install on your PC, directly affecting the gaming performance.

It happens because many programs run some background activity even when they are not in use, and many applications installations carry junk files with them. Having an AVG will not only help you uninstall programs you don’t use (like the junk files) but also decrease the effect of the ones that you need, making more ground for games to run smoothly.

Increase Your Gaming PC Performance with a Superior Graphics Card

Everyone knows that a graphics card is the main element. No matter how much RAM you might have, your game will lag no matter what. If you don’t have a Graphics Card devoted to Gaming, your game will face holdups, no matter how much RAM you got or what optimization tool you use.

So, make sure you have got the Graphics cards right, especially if you wish to play high-end games.

So, now you know how to improve the gaming performance of your PC.

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