One of the most important tolls of slicing and converting good designs into Drupal templates, Wordpress themes or website markups, PSD to HTML conversion is a common practice done by companies who want to convert their graphic designs into content management systems’ templates. The conversion makes your website light and more user friendly. It also proves beneficial for cross browsing compatibility, manual coding, delivery of high quality service and customer support, and semantic coding within a stipulated time.

Apart from all these benefits, PSD to CSS/ PSD to XHTML conversion ensures better mark up quality. The process marks your website with considering XHTML tag semantics and the meaning of the content, which helps in driving more traffic and thus ensuring higher search engine rakings. Also, it provides lot of efficiency and flexibility in core business activities, resulting in greater revenues for your company. The conversion ensures vast improvement in the project turnaround for your business.

You would find different ways for PSD to CSS/ PSD to XHTML conversions. One of them is manual conversion which is the oldest method. The process is a bit taxing and also requires more time. The second process is conversion through automated tools where companies use sophisticated tools for conversion. You can find various software available in the market that can help you the process. Though the process is not complex and taxing than manual conversion, it sometimes can prove to be incorrect or improper.

The third and the most convenient method for PSD to HTML conversion is getting it done by a professional. You can also outsource to PSD Slicing Service Providers in the market. Delegating or outsourcing the work to other help you give time to other tasks you would not have been able to give had you would’ve chosen to do it yourself. While hiring a professional/company for conversion process, it is necessary to check its credibility, skills and knowledge. A way to check the credibility would be to see what kind of after sales support your service provider offers. Normally, it is seen that good service providers provide free technical support. Moreover, you can also check whether they offer you with money-back guarantee or not.

Once the conversion process is over, you should make sure to check XHTML/CSS markup’s response to your design and conversion requirements. You can even vary with your server’s access rights if you have provided your service provider with it before. Keeping these small things in mind, you can easily ensure seamless PSD to CSS/ PSD to XHTML conversion.

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