Music is not music if it has not got a beat. From your phone to the elevator, music is everywhere and everyone is listening to it. If you like to create your own brand of music, you can download rap beats from the internet and take it from there. This is much easier than hiring musicians and a studio to get your talent noticed.

However before you get carried away, you need to know a bit about copyright and licensing. Otherwise you could end up in a legal wrangle. Generally speaking what you buy online is a license to use the beat for almost any purpose within a specified time frame.

You cannot re-sell the beat. However once you have customized it for your own music, you can then sell a restricted amount as long as you acknowledge the copyright holder. This may be the producer or the website or both. So in other words you have royalty free access to the beat for the period of the license but it is not exclusively yours. That is a different ballgame.

In the above scenario, each beat will only cost you a few dollars. If, however, you hear the beat that you know can make you or your artist famous for life then you have to buy the exclusive rights to that beat. This can be a costly option. However you will get a contract and a professional CD recording. Most importantly the beat cannot then be licensed to anyone else.

So now you have got your beat downloaded. If you know what you want it for but are not too sure about how to get the desired result, most sites have plenty of technical help available. However it will not be for free, so it is a good idea to start learning.

If you are not sure about downloading and using beats, there is plenty of online help available. Most sites also offer a few free sounds as samples. You can try these out to see if they will work for you. Also there are always promos if you just want to fool around with the beat for your own enjoyment and not spend too much money.

If you are a professional yourself you may be creating your own beats. In this case you can sell your beats online to any of these sites. They will ask you for a sample so that they can analyze it to check for quality etc. This is a great way to sell as these sites have a worldwide membership and following.

Downloading rap beats or indeed any beats lets you give free rein to your inherent musical talent. You can download more instrumentals or you can record your friends playing or singing along with the beat. Whatever you choose you are sure to get a great result with a little practice and patience.

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