There seem to be three great fields of animation artists. The long-term goal of a camp is to create, sell, and produce their own television series or feature films. The long-term goal of another camp is to create your own study business. The third camp is made up of people who are happy simply by standing out as salaried workers.

No matter what camp you fit into, most animation artists who have worked as outside freelancers get a taste of freedom similar to what it feels like to be your own boss. You can configure your work day your way. You can have a double lunch or watch a movie in the middle of the day and have the option to resume work again in the evening.

Animation artists, by the nature of our careers, sometimes work alone for hours or days at a time to complete a job. Not surprisingly, many of us dream of opening our own studio where we can live and work in the best example of independence.

Paul Fierlinger summarizes the charm of owning his own studios: "I don't have to spend time working with people I don't like; the commute to work is easy; it is easy to work from one hour to sixteen hours a day a day; the pay is anything I buy regularly, industry news and trends pass me by and I live in fear of where the next job will come from rather than having to live in fear or when I am fired. "

Some create their own study business out of necessity rather than passion. Large studios tend to hire many fresh out of school artists. They look for this inexperienced youth job because they can pay less and expect more time and loyalty in return. Some companies believe that it is easier to train young workers who are free from bad habits that can sometimes bring years of experience.

Older workers are likely to have family commitments, which will keep them from working late at night or from working more on the weekend. Those who are forty or older gravitate toward study supervisor jobs or risk competing against a growing crop of recent graduates for some of the same jobs.

To stay competitive, older people in the workforce often must reduce their hourly rates, despite the wealth of experience they inherently bring to each project. It's easy to see why some older animation artists believe that going into business for themselves would be the best way to pursue a career in the industry.

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India's animation industry is booming. Overseas entertainment giants like Walt Disney, Imax and Sony are increasingly outsourcing cartoon and special effects characters to India.