Practitioners Guide to the Galaxy

This planet has long been a focal point for an attempt at creation through DNA evolution as well as a place for individual souls to experience individual creation. As far back as 300 billion years ago the storyline includes the rise of civilizations both isolated and interactive with other planetary races, and many agendas have been played out with both success and failure.
At this point in history, there is a combination of great enthusiasm for the potential that exists as well as a solemn dedication to duty built into many of us who have awareness of what is occurring. This awareness includes knowledge that some of us were sent in as "The Teams"
We are positioned to stand as watchtowers, teachers, sentinels and warriors. We carry a nearly unwavering intensity of purpose that insists on truth over popularity, and we accept that our jobs are non physically linked together with others of our kind, translated frequently in a behind-the-scenes capacity. This is more powerful than an ego-filled individual could imagine. If this definition applies to you, then everything that has been said here will resonate with you in absolution.

From this standpoint, we can tell you that a great battle is occurring at this time in plain sight for control of the planet and masses. As the bible was used by the Catholic Church to infuse control while simultaneously hiding the mechanics of individual creation through the Universal Laws; governments and wealthy factions also continue to apply their own pressure across the globe. Earth has been in a quarantined status for some time from other races on a mass consciousness scale due to these issues and humanity's willingness to do harm without respect or compassion. Each practitioner are asked to not dwell on this grand scale of issues to the detriment of your human viewpoint. Such great waves of fear and anger will be sweeping the planet that there will be days when just the act of walking out your front door will cause you great discomfort. As you have worked to strengthen your communication with Spirit, and removed negative influences and relationships, you are now encouraged to define your personal homes with amplified purpose and attention paid to making them a sanctuary. Allow divine order to speak to you. Release objects that carry old energy that no longer reflects your new pattern. Simplify your surroundings and invite helpers such as crystals, aromatherapy with pure essential oils, and plants to grace your environment. This will broadcast into the universe as a declaration to attract peace and prosperity, as well as put forth the invitation to Spirit to work with you at a deeper level. Keep in mind that you are not waiting to hear from them what is to be done they are waiting for you to choose to amplify your ability as a clear channel without ego, negativity or other blockages. Many practitioners will experience great challenges if they have not dealt with ego issues, removal of negative behavior patterns or if their practices are not in alignment with highest truth. Others will realize how far they have come in obtaining the equivalent of their
masters degree on planet earth. Just as humanity will be halted from hurting other planets, races and even the earth itself, this will be a testing period for anyone not functioning from higher energies or intentions. We call this the granting of grace through realization.
This article is brought to you by VIE and the Institute of Light and sound.

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VIE is a French-American author of a book soon to come (Random House) She is the owner of the Biostimulation Institute of Light and Sound.
Her life’s purpose is to present an opportunity for expansion of awareness in the Healing Arts of Light and Sound frequencies. Her work has brought healing to many and is opening up the world to a new spiritual realm and preparing all of us for the new divine plan, the ascension and beyond.