“Vegetarian” is a term that is broadly used to describe someone who abstains from eating meat (including poultry, fish or seafood).

Vegetarianism has increased in popularity because of increased awareness of what goes behind the scenes in commercial farming and the detrimental impacts the commercial farming has on the environment. In response to this increased demand, catering companies have revamped and include vegetarian and vegan dishes in their menu.

Numerous people and companies engage catering services for their household or company events, as it is very convenient and help them outsource the food portion, so that they can concentrate on planning other activities for their event. With the increase demand in vegetarian food, vegetarian catering services
has grown in popularity.

Catering offers different types of services, ranging from buffet catering, which comes complete with full table setup to bento vegetarian catering which serves packed meals in boxes. Bento catering is popular for seminars , corporate events or lunch meetings. There is also a wide array of bento cuisines offered such as western, Chinese or vegetarian cuisine.

What are the factors that the organiser considers when choosing the vegetarian

1. Budget
Every event will be allocated a budget for the food section. If the organiser is allocated a tight budget, bento catering is the most economical and affordable choice. The bento boxes, packed with sandwich or rice and few dishes provides a well balanced meal to fill the stomachs of the attendees.

If the organiser is allocated a higher budget, but due to the type of event and venue of event (as listed in the following points), they can only choose bento catering, the catering companies can offer higher end bento meals, complete with luxurious looking packaging and more expensive dishes to match the price.

2. Type and theme of Event

If the event is seminar, lunch meeting or corporate related events which do not require mingling or interaction, bento catering is the choice. Events such as seminars or lunch meeting are usually time sensitive with a packed agenda. The organiser would want the meal to be served to the attendees and participants within the shortest time possible, so that the schedule will not be impacted. In addition, to minimise the food distribution time during lunch meeting, the organiser can place the bentos on table before the meeting starts.

The organisers have to be mindful to ensure the choice of bento aligns to the theme of the event.

3. Venue

If the organiser is faced with a space constraint in the event venue or your event is an outdoor one, bento catering is the choice as there is no area for table setup. For outdoor events, the organiser can conveniently collect the bento boxes from the catering company and distribute them to the participants at the end of the event, as a way of thanking them for their participation. This is a good way to end the event, where the participants can enjoy their meal and mingle around.

The above guide to bento vegetarian catering is useful to help organisers better choose the type of bentos for their event.

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