Fundamentally, absent mindness can be described as a state in which a person doesn't really pay any attention to what is happening around him or her. Such individuals find themselves at a outstanding disadvantage and are even subject to life threatening situations particularly while driving. The eventual result is that you become less productive and less efficient as well. You can end up facing a lot of issues every day especially when dealing with other folks.

Most of us don't realize the commonness of this particular problem. Majority of the folks do not even consider it as a problem that has to be treated. The real causes of absentmindedness have not really been identified as yet by scientists or psychologists. The average day dreaming time of an adult is 30%. Consequently, research is being performed on figuring out the actual causes of absentmindedness with special stress on whether it is advantageous for our health.

Reasons behind memory loss and absentmindedness

Some folks believe that it is genetic. In medical terms, however, biological aspects can also be counted within the list of causes for memory loss such as massive exposure to smoking or drinking during pregnancy can cause a baby to be born this way as well as postnatal head injuries etc. Similarly, lots of theories revolve around social situations such as being poor or not having attentive parents leading a child to grow the habit of day dreaming. Other explanations relating to memory loss in young adults can be derived from exhaustion plus fatigue, depression and unemployment or underemployment as well as mental torture.

But there have also been some experiments that have proven that a human body is more prone to absentmindedness if it does not get a healthy amount of vitamin 12 dosage. Thus, if you lack vitamin B12, you'll probably day dream more than the average human being. Your body needs vitamin B12 in order to allow your nervous system to function properly. In much the same manner, lack of folic acid can be the cause of memory loss as well as lack of concentration. That is why you can fix your absentmindedness by consuming folic acid supplements.


Work related issues occur primarily due to your inability to focus on what you're doing. Inattentiveness can be the chief cause of your inability to understand situations and tasks, late completion of work as well as not getting yourself properly organized and so on.

Impact of absentmindedness

Individuals who have attention problems tend not to perform well at any task be it school related or professional. Hence, they underperform in each category. Some of these people even have issues when trying to manage things around the house like washing clothes, grocery shopping etc. Forgetting grocery lists is one thing but mixing up birthdays and anniversaries can actually have a negative impact upon your relationships with individuals. Which in turn leads to frustration and even depression.

Fixing absentmindedness or memory loss

But there is no need to worry because everything, even inattentiveness can be fixed. There are numerous ways to avoid absent mindness. The very first thing that you need to do is produce as well as facilitate fixed plus enormously focused moments. You should make an effort to concentrate on what you're doing as opposed to following a certain routine. The focus should be upon concentrating on the smallest of activities such as locking a window or a door in order to avoid having to question yourself later about whether you did it or not. If this technique is not enough then try to add visual images with whatever the task is that your performing.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid standing in the middle of a room with a blank reflection on your face, try to create a mental picture of you performing whatever the task was that got you to the room and I'm sure you won't forget it. When you go inside the room, you will know what to do by using this technique. Another approach that memory experts stipulate is to put things in several places thereby altering your environs in a manner that is opposed to the natural order of things. Primarily, changing your environment like this enables you to create memory triggers that point you in the right direction.

Such memory triggers are also very important when trying to fix absentmindedness. Such triggers can be images, words or pictures. For instance, to be able to always recollect your briefcase, position your car keys on top of it. Eventually, these techniques vary into habits and provide ample sustenance for memory loss in young adults.

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