With the number of graduates increasing year on year it has become vital for a person to concentrate on the techniques required to be selected for the civil services through the IAS prelims and UPSC exams. This is because the examinations have been noted to be getting tougher to pass, this is not because the exams are getting harder but because the number of candidates scoring high marks is getting more. This is creating chaos for the candidate’s s they know need to score higher marks so as to be able to be selected.

This means one need to reconsider the approach to the examination and rather than approach it with a short term study period they need to reconsider the time frame allotted to the examination to be able to gain the require experience to pass the exams. This is because many competitive examinations in India today require a person to have general knowledge and be able to pass the aptitude section of the examination which can note the rote learned and requires genuine learning.

To do this one will need to consider preparing for UPSC and IAS prelims over longer period to be able to improve their chances of passing the examination and securing a position with the civil services. The traditional approach of simply trying to rote learns the matter can not be considered since this will only ensure one fails the examination. Setting aside 8-12 months just to practice for the examination will assure a person get the required marks and getting a civil services job. To this one must change their daily routine too so as to gain the required knowledge to pass the aptitude and general section of the paper.

Simply reading the news paper or watching current affairs that are occurring around a person could go a long way towards improving their knowledge. This may seem to be hopeless method of learning or studying for the important examination but it has been noted that candidates that keep in touch with informative programs on television or read the newspaper on a daily basis have a better chance of passing the examination. With this in mind any candidates planning to apply for the UPSC and IAS prelims in the future must consider rethinking their approach towards the way they look at the civil services examination. General knowledge and passing aptitude test have been noted to play a vital role during the examination.

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