Construction clean-up is not like your everyday janitorial service; it is much more complex than you can imagine. The waste can differ from drywall dust to paint and saw dust. A post construction cleaning team is responsible for taking care of every spec of a waste to large rubbles. The first few steps of construction cleaning involve removal of debris before hands are laid on to surface cleaning. The nature of drywall dust makes it all the more pertinent why covering each and every surface is necessary. From light fixtures, walls and floors to window frames and even sills, each and every surface need cleaning. It’s a huge job and needs to be handled very carefully. 

Considering the risks involved in cleaning and disposing post construction wastes here we have tried sharing some tips and guidelines we feel necessary. Building contractors and builder cleaning service providers in London must consider them for maximum output. 

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Floor care

Before you hire the post construction cleaning crew to get the job done, consider the material with which the floor is made. When incorrect cleaners are used for cleaning the floor, it may lead to damage to the surface. Remember, just one thing if you are the builder or contractor who executed the project, you must never overrule the flooring material. Laminate, vinyl and ceramic tiles have different requirements for cleaning. Keep them in mind. 

General contractors

We have a piece of advice for you. A preferable choice for you to ensure the project goes along as expected is to first stay in friendly contact with the cleaning contractor. Remember, while all other contractors will be on the floor executing all the necessary processes that involve completion of a construction process, you will need assistance of the cleaning contractor as well. Introduce the cleaning crew to other contractors and their teams. Establishing contact between them will help initiate interactions which will further add to the cleaning process. The cleaning contractor must complete the job within a set deadline and ensure the date doesn’t change. 


Well! As we have mentioned earlier, post construction cleaning isn’t easy, it goes by a schedule. The project demands at least 5 days for servicing the building, which again requires at least ten cleaning members. 

Since timing makes a huge deal, you need to set a schedule for the clean-up process. Get a timeline for the job and ask the contractor to deploy appropriate number of cleaning professionals so that the job can be delivered on time. While sometimes you will need to see to if a greater number of personnel must be added; on other occasions you might ask the contractor to deploy more hours of work in order to get the job done within the set timeline. 


Get a follow-up list for the cleaning contractor. The list will include everything starting from an area which they have missed to a surface which needs new cleaning. Now this will include anything starting from debris from a freshly drilled hole by an electrician to the dust that randomly came flying from outside because of a storm. Whatever the reason, the cleaning services in Dagenham must show up whenever the need arises. 


Construction clean-up requires mental and physical agility. There is going to be a lot of surprises. However, as you become mentally prepared the entire task will appear less daunting. Additionally, with strong leadership and an open attitude towards work it is possible to ease tension and go with the flow. Mostly you will find other contractors making space for the cleaning crew to do their job effectively. 


Furthermore, it is important to note that the cleaning crew must wear the PPE kit and consider various risk factors that are involved in cleaning construction wastes. They should be trained in dealing with the construction related substances. 

A construction cleaning company must abide by these necessary factors to ensure the job is accomplished with ease and precision. 

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The author runs a cleaning services company in Dagenham. In recent times the author has been shedding light on key aspects concerning the subject.