Being a resident of the tropical region, you have to bear a lump sum amount of electricity bill for continuously running air conditioner of your house. It, in turn, increases your cost of living of survival. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some useful guidelines for reducing the excessive electric bill without sacrifice your comfort during summer days. 

  • Upgrade your windows: Firstly, you should confirm whether the windows of your house is energy-efficient and new fashion designed or not. If your answer is not, then you need to install new designed energy-saving windows. It helps to reduce your excessive electric bill.
  • Seal the windows: You should check whether your window is poorly leaked or not. Unless your window is sealed, your air conditioner does not work properly. Therefore, to minimize the electric consumption, you need to be conscious that your window is capable enough to prevent the cool air to go outside of your home. In addition, you should close the curtains of your window for preventing the solar heat.
  • Installation of the programmable thermostat: Programmable thermostat changes the mode of air conditioner energy respect to the temperature of the outside. For instance, by installing thermostat, it can adjust the temperature of the air conditioner in the afternoon and night accordingly. Since, the temperature goes down at night, the thermostat automatically increase the room temperature by serving your purpose. Hence, electricity consumption can be controlled. 
  • Change your dirty air filter: You should keep the air filter clean and dust free; otherwise, your air conditioner does not work properly. If required, you can change the air filter. For the replacing or cleaning the air filter, you can contact the technicians of ducted aircon installation in Prestons
  • Do not forget to call for maintenance and to repair: Have you skipped to contact the experts of aircon service in Ingelburn for the maintenance purpose? For getting long-lasting effect of your air conditioner, you need to do yearly scheduled filter check-up. If you forget to repair or to do maintenance for checking the feasibility of your machine, you have to pay substantial electric bill unnecessarily.
  • Replacing your HVAC air filters: HVAC air filters can smoothly run the air filters of your machine. It helps the vents to block the dust by maintaining smooth air circulation. Consequently, the consumption of electricity can be reduced by 40%. 
  • Installation of solar panel: Once you install the solar panel on the roof of your house, you can reduce the turn-on duration of your machine. It helps to minimize the usage of the air conditioner and the electricity consumption respectively. 
  • Rearrange the furniture: You should keep the furniture in such a way that the airflow of your room cannot be blocked. In addition, proper set up of your furniture can keep your room cold for a long. Hence, you do not need to turn on your air conditioner constantly.

Final words

You have the number of options to deal with the rising electricity bill of yours during summer. If you need an expert suggestion, you can contact the technician comment of aircon service in Ingelburn. 

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