OK, so you have a nice little gut going there and you want to replace it with nice six pack abs. Sounds great! Before you into converting that flab into nice flat abs with your six pack abs workout routine and six pack abs diet plan, here are some gut losing fat facts that you should know about.


Processed health food can sound great. It’s true! Processed health food-- that may be widely publicized as the perfect substitute to your fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates – (sold in ready to cook and eat packs) can actually be junk food! They can be comprised of harmful chemicals while processing or have preservatives put in to add to the shelf life. This can adversely make you gain excess weight rather than lose weight on your stomach, and increase your belly fat! Besides they can be impact your heart and over all well being. Stay away from them!


Abs crunches, push ups and sit ups are not the only exercises for your abs. There are other exercises for you to follow to get those six pack abs. Following numerous cardio vascular exercises to help burn your body fat are just as beneficial and necessary for overall abs and body health.

You should do adequate research on all the possible ways to burn your body fat before deciding on your exercising regime. Your exercises should concentrate not only on your abs muscles, but should be designed to help you keep fit and work out every muscle in your body for a better balanced and healthy body.


Fat burner pills and weight loss pills are completely useless. Believe me, I’ve tried them. They are also expensive. There is no substitute to natural, organic food for maximum health.

If a particular fat loss pill is being advertised heavily, promising you weight loss in a weeks' time after consumption, beware. It's just a marketing gimmick! The manufacturers are only trying to sell their products to you to make money. They rarely EVER work and can be harmful.

There is no substitute to actual foods like whole grains, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, low fat proteins (like that found in fish and lean meats), skimmed milk and nuts. So go to your favorite market and pick up these fresh natural food items and have a healthy meal. Fresh usually taste much better and you can avoid the extra fats and sodium as well.

You have a lot of great options for losing your gut fat and getting those nice, flat six pack abs. Gut losing fat facts with help you get abs truth now for your health.

Be Healthy,
Renee' Barnes-Orozco

P.S. Please check with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise routine.

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